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Climb the Tour to claim your crown

To celebrate the upcoming Tour de France , we're adding 11 climbs from this year’s route onto the Wattbike Hub app . And what do Wattbikers love more than sweating? Winning!  From Sunday 30th August

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Wattbike Data 101 - An Ultimate Guide To Wattbike Data For Beginners

If you’re looking to improve your performance, Wattbike is the ultimate training tool, it gives you all the data you could ever need. But, when you’re new to the Wattbike, how do you decipher all the data and turn it into something useful?  What Information Does The Wattbike Give? The Wattbike measures over 40 different parameters about your riding and displays it all within the Performance Monitor. Below is an explanation of the 10 most popular

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