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Wattbike Atom: Smart exercise bike

An indoor exercise bike for the home

Burn calories the easy way with Wattbike Atom, the next generation of connected exercise bikes. Wattbike Atom houses all the benefits of a gym exercise bike trainer and more, yet is skillfully designed to fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Its unrivalled connectivity means it’s easy to follow workouts on the free accompanying Wattbike Hub app, or connect to some of the world's best cycling training apps to suit your fitness needs.

Indoor exercise bike
Best exercise bike 2020

The best exercise bike for burning calories

If you’re looking for an effective indoor cycling workout that’ll leave you trim and toned, look no further than Wattbike Atom.

Wattbike’s smart exercise bike offering improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance whilst also providing a fast way to burn calories and lose weight, all whilst having little impact on the joints and a lesser chance of injury.

Follow one of Wattbike’s free training plans or workouts on the accompanying Wattbike Hub app. With no monthly subscription, the Wattbike Hub is full of free, easy to follow sessions that’ll help improve your endurance, speed and power. With the Wattbike Hub and Wattbike Atom, the home exercise bike features a game-changing ergo mode which means that magnetic resistance levels change automatically, leaving you to be able to focus on the things important to you, like burning those calories.

Exercise on your schedule

Wattbike Atom was made to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, both in practicality and design. Like a spin bike, it’s small footprint and award-winning design makes it ideal for home use. Once set up, it’s easy to adjust for multiple users, and ready to ride anytime you are. Whether you can only find a spare 10 minutes for an exercise bike session, or can only train when the kids are in bed, you can work out on your own schedule in your home gym with Wattbike Hub workouts, or connect to third-party apps like Zwift, the Sufferfest, Training Peaks and more to find even more sessions to suit your training goals.

During winter months, the thought about having a bike trainer or exercise bike indoors is solved with our smart bike. The Wattbike Atom is the perfect indoor fitness bike all year-round, so you can use a bike at any time at home when your road bike cannot traverse the harsher conditions.

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Smart exercise bike

Train smarter with our smart exercise bike

When choosing a fitness bike, the same debate rolls around: bike trainer vs exercise bike. In simple terms, an indoor trainer mimics real world with its magnetic resistance levels adjusting to road or mountain bike settings. Meanwhile, a stationary bike offers the pedalling without the real world resistance. If that isn’t for you, you need a smart exercise bike.

Wattbike Atom is much more than an exercise bike or turbo trainer. Its unrivalled connectivity means you’re not locked into a platform, so as your goals change, your training can too. When you purchase the Wattbike Atom, you’ll also receive free trials to some of the world’s top training apps. Sync to store your data on Apple Health, or livestream a class on the Peloton app. Plus, when you buy the Wattbike Atom, you’ll receive free trials to a number of training apps, so explore and race across virtual worlds on Zwift, track your training on Training Peaks, or test out the Sufferfest’s cycling, running and yoga offering.

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