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Chinese athletes prepare for Olympics with Wattbikes

Er Qi National Winter Sports Training Base

Numerous training bases in China for a variety of sports are preparing their athletes for the upcoming Summer and Winter Olympics. Now they are doing so with the help of Wattbikes.

Four Wattbike Pro’s were recently purchased by the Chinese National Rowing team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics at their Songmao training base. This purchase was done to better support athlete training with a scientific basis, which is a Wattbike specialty. 

Chinese teams are also preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. 13 Wattbike Pro/Trainers were recently delivered to the Er Qi National Winter Sports Training Base. This is an important training base for Chinese athletes and their preparation for the next Winter Olympics, as the National Short Track Skating team and the National Skating team are now training here for the next home Games. 

Duo Ba National Altitude Training Base

Another one of the most popular training bases in China, the Duo Ba National Altitude Training Base, has received a delivery of six Wattbike Pro’s. It is owned by the General Administration of Sport of China and supports athletes from all sports with high-caliber altitude training.

Wattbike are delighted to be supporting some of China’s most promising medal contenders with accurate data and scientific training, and we can’t wait to see the positive results that come out of it.