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Singapore Sports Institute and the Singapore Armed Forces adopt Wattbikes into their arsenal

Wattbikes were recently delivered to the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI). The SSI aims to provide the best support to Team Singapore athletes so that they can perform at their maximum potential and fulfill their sporting aspirations. Through their significant work with elite athletes and teams, the Singapore Sports Institute ultimately endeavours to inspire young Singaporeans to pursue sport.

On site, we installed 9 Wattbikes in the Altitude/Fitness Test Centre, 10 Wattbikes in the gym and four Wattbikes in the S&C Conditioning Centre. In addition to this, our Consultant Sport Scientist Eddie delivered a training day to their Sport Scientists, S&C coaches, Management Team, and Youth Development Coaches.

Whilst Eddie was in Singapore, he also delivered training to the team at the Singapore Armed Forces Centre of Excellence for Soldier Performance (CESP). They are looking to purchase a fleet of Wattbikes very soon after seeing the positive impact that Wattbike has had on the armed forces in the UK.