Model B Firmware Change Log

VERSION 1.27.50 — 2021/06/03

  1. "Fixed a bug where power didn't return to 0w immediately in 3rd party apps (such as Zwift) when riders stopping pedalling"

Version 1.25.07 — 2018/05/15

  1. Bug fix update

Version 1.25.06 — 2018/04/06

  1. New formula for VO2 (for female users): VO2Max = MMP * 9.39 + UserWeight * 7.7 - UserAge * 5.88 + 136.7
  2. A new way to store coefficients to elevate an issue seen where bikes lose their coefficients. Coefficients stored on 3 locations inside bike memory

Version 1.25.04 — 2017/12/28

  1. Solved bug with navigation in 'Favourites' menu
  2. Solved bug with favourite workouts

MOD Version 1.25.54 — 2017/12/28

  1. All the changes listed above for standard firmware version 1.25.04

UCI Version 1.25.84 — 2017/12/28

  1. All the changes listed above for standard firmware version 1.25.04

Version 1.25.03 — 2017/08/31

  1. Implemented Training zones parameter option in Settings, users can choose between MMP and FTP zones.
    Both MMP and FTP zones are calculated after performing one of the tests: 3' test, ramp tests, FTP test.
    Selected type of zones (MMP or FTP) are shown live during session or after session in Recall screen or User
    Data screen.
  2. Recall screen and View User Zones screen modified, now they show FTP or MMP zones, based on what is
    selected in settings
  3. Implemented Quick start option in Settings. When enabled, monitor jumps to Just ride immediately after power
    up, in which case session data is not recorded and simple recall screen is shown after the session. In case any
    other type of session (workout, test) is started while Quick start enabled, session data is recorded as usual
  4. Changed computation of MMP for submax test, now it is max. minute power x 1.19
  5. Changed name of the "20' Threshold test" to "FTP test"
  6. Wattbike logo changed on the startup screen
  7. Implemented mechanism for deleting old sessions (older than one month). Old sessions are deleted once per
    week or next time monior is powered up after one week time
  8. For 10' test, dialog prompting users for weight, MMP and MHR (FTP, FTHR) is shown allways before test
  9. MHR and FTHR limited to 250 for input
  10. Set by default: training zones parameter = FTP, use user data = weight, quick start mode = off

MOD VERSION 1.25.53 — 2017/08/31

  1. All the changes listed above for standard firmware version 1.25.03
  2. Due to limited memory, MOD version is available in English language only

UCI VERSION 1.25.83 — 2017/08/31

  1. All the changes listed above for standard firmware version 1.25.03
  2. Implemented 17' UCI\WCC sprinter warm up
  3. Due to limited memory, UCI\WCC version is available in English language only

Version 1.24.01 — 2016/12/06

  1. Bugfix update

Version 1.24.00 — 2016/09/02

  1. Solved bug which caused firmware version 1.23.03 to be recognized as 1.23.02 in Test machine, Express Test and firmware update software, which made firmware update impossible.
  2. Implemented two language versions of firmware: western and eastern one. Both versions contain the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian, Estonian. In addition, western version contains Danish and Czech while eastern version contains Chinese and Japanese.
  3. Implemented new connectivity possibilities via BLE. Until now, it was only possible to connect Wattbike to PowerHub Android app since ANT/BLE module inside monitor implemented only one, proprietary service. From now on, ANT/BLE module contains two more standard BLE services: Cycling Power and Cycling Speed & Cadence. This enables connectivity to apps such as Strava, Kinomap Trainer etc.

Version 1.23.03 — 2016/05/12

  1. Solved bug which caused monitor occasionally freezing in case bike disconnected and option 'Auto zero' switched on.

Version 1.23.02 — 2016/03/08

  1. Solved a bug which caused 'Watt' to be displayed at two places on the session screen.
  2. Implemented transmission of ANT packet related to training zones at each 30 seconds during session. This is done in order to refresh training zones data in case monitor suddenly disconnected during session.
  3. On the Choose HR Belt dialog, implemented that the list with HR belts is not refreshed while user scrolls through the list.
  4. Implemented hidden option for changing ANT message period (called Gym ANT Number) from 1 through 50. The hidden option is activated after setting focus on the main menu option 'ANT Channel' and pressing LEFT + RIGHT buttons together.
  5. Solved bug with favourite workouts which caused some workouts to be present in the favourites list, but not to be functional. Adding new favourite workout now refreshes the list completely.
  6. Implemented method for more secure storage of bike serial number inside its non-volatile memory. The serial number is now kept on 3 locations instead of only one. If any of these 3 locations contain false serial number, that location is overwritten by proper serial number kept in other two locations. Proper bike serial number is not criterion for 'Sensor not connected' anymore, instead it is now checked if the coefficients' values are within proper ranges.

Version 1.23.01  2015/12/10

  1. Solved a bug which caused BLE connection not to work in case when user is logged in and automatic login at startup set in settings.
  2. Excluded context menu during race, pause during race is not possible anymore.
  3. 30" test recall screen modified - excluded graph, inserted list of values: 5sec max power, 5sec max W/kg, 5sec min power, power avg, W/kg, cadence avg.
  4. Solved a bug which caused MMP value not to be saved to the user's profile after max ramp and submax ramp tests.
  5. Solved a bug which caused the phone app to stop monitor from turning off when phone disconnects from the monitor.
  6. Solved a bug with overlapping boxes (heart rate and rest time) in recall screen during rest time.

Version 1.23.00 — 2015/08/10

  1. Added Danish language.
  2. Added Czech language.
  3. For BLE connection, implemented mechanism for Power Cycling SE software obtaining username of the person logged-in on the PoweApp.
  4. Speeded up the transition between intervals on the ramp tests - there is no delay anymore.
  5. Power screen in session - avg rpm shown instead of peak Watts from now on.
  6. Implemented displaying of remaining distance on the session screen during race.
  7. Changed countdown screen for 6'' and 30'' test - after counting down to '1', sessions starts immediately, 'Go' is not shown.
  8. Implemented Ramp Varied test. User can choose interval time (mm:ss).
  9. Implemented Wattbike Gym ANT channel. In contrast to standard Wattbike channel which sends revolution data after each pedal relvoution, Gym channel sends data each second. Packet rate of Gym channel is twice lower than of a standard channel, what enables higher number of bikes to be connected to PWC at the same time. 'ANT channel' dialog is modified, it supports turning on/off channels and choosing between Standard and Gym Wattbike channel.
  10. Implemented mechanism for retrieving favorite workouts in case they have been compromised after firmware upgrade. Go to 'Workouts/Tests', get focus on 'Favorites' and then press buttons LEFT + RIGHT together. Message box will appear, press ENTER.
  11. Solved bug which caused firmware to crash if user presses any button while intro screen is shown upon monitor power up.
  12. Updated Wattbike intro logo.
  13. Implemented that default screen for distance workouts is speed screen, which shows remaining distance.
  14. Solved bug which caused buzzer to beep constantly after performing reset all states and turning sound on.
  15. Implemented that favourites list does not open in case there are no favourites defined.
  16. Changed turn off time to 2 minutes and session inactive time to 1 minute by default.

Version 1.22.02 — 2015/05/13

  1. Implemented option 'Special Filtering' in Settings, Sound tab.

Version 1.22.01 — 2015/05/06

  1. Pedalling technique test removed from tests list.
  2. Added resistance setting tables for 30'' test. Prior to showing resistance table, user is asked to enter their weight and gender.
  3. Implemented countdown for power peak test and 30'' test. User can choose 5 or 10 seconds countdown from the dialog that appears before test.

Version 1.22.00 — 2015/04/07

  1. Implemented support for combined ANT/BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) modules for monitors equipped with ANT/BLE capable module. Users are now able to connect their monitor to iOS/Android smartphone app PowerApp via BLE. Users can monitor their sessions on the smartphone and upload their training data to online service PowerHub.
  2. New tab ('Remote') added to Settings section. It enables turning Bluetooth on/off and putting Bluetooth to program mode for BLE module firmware upgrade.
  3. Implemented that W/kg parameter equals zero in session - in case when user not logged in, default user not used and user weight not used.
  4. Solved bug which caused erroneous calculation of right leg angle of peak force during session.

Version 1.21.03 — 2015/03/10

  1. Removed MMP/MHR input screen from Peak Power test.

Version 1.21.02 — 2015/02/20

  1. Solved bug which caused editing of favourite workouts to erase all workouts on the list positioned after the edited one.
  2. Solved bug which sometimes caused starting undefined favourite workout after pressing ENTER on the empty favourites list.
  3. Solved bug which caused editing of favourite workout's name not to apply.
  4. Solved bug which caused old favourite workout's name not to appear while editing favourite workout.

Version 1.21.01 — 2015/01/23

  1. Solved issue with portions of signal values inside session files written as zeros.
  2. Implemented mechanism for firmware update - monitor to monitor. To update monitor with older firmware version, simply put the monitor to program mode and connect it to the monitor with this firmware version via USB cable, then follow the instructions on screen.

Version 1.21.00 — 2014/12/23

  1. Solved issue with sending MMP, MHR to Power Cycling SE in case when user is not logged in and default user turned off.
  2. Implemented that 20' test does not save MMP and MHR anymore.
  3. Excluded Chinese language.
  4. Implemented firmware modifications that support recent hardware modifications.
  5. Solved bug which caused monitor not to accept language other than English after performing 'Reset all states' command.
  6. Solved bug with occasional spikes of power and force values sent via Wattbike ANT channel.

Version 1.20.04 — 2014/11/18

  1. Solved issue with ANT/ANT+ HR belts - when more than one belt present, on the Link HR belt dialog all belts have the same heart rate value.

Version 1.20.03 — 2014/11/13

  1. 'Use User Data' parameter set to MMP/MHR/Weight by default after reset all states or firmware update.
  2. 'Set user data' dialog modified, changed title to 'User data to set training zones' and added text 'Press ENTER to skip and go to quick start'.
  3. Solved issue with Polar HR belts - when Polar belt is selected on the monitor but not used during session, erratic HR values have been displayed sometimes.
  4. Reception of Polar HR data disabled while Suunto or Garmin HR belt data reception is in progress.

Version 1.20.02 — 2014/11/07

  1. Modified HID and ANT start session command in order to specify type of session: just ride, workouts, tests.
  2. Solved bug where ANT channel was not open upon selecting certain HR belt from the list in Set HR Belt dialog.
  3. Solved bug with Polar chest belts (linking and artefacts).
  4. Implemented update process for favorite workouts from firmware version 1.18.4 to higher versions. Update is done automatically upon loading of new firmware. Update applied both for WPC and USB stick favourite workouts.
  5. Changed phrase 'Distance units' to 'Measurement units' in Settings, Measurement tab.

Version 1.20.01 — 2014/10/15

  1. Solved bug because of which ramp test and interval workouts appear having only two intervals in Recall after the session, despite more than two intervals made.
  2. In Recall, dash symbol ('-') implemented instead of zeros for HR, MHR, MET and power per weight parameters.

Version 1.20.00 — 2014/10/13

  1. Implemented GET_WEIGHT and GET_MMP_MHR commands over Wattbike ANT profile.
  2. Updated firmware version encoding, so firmware version format is X.XX.XX.
  3. Auto login last user option from Settings is now set to NO by default.
  4. Default Recall page option from Settings is now set to Summary by default.
  5. Implemented both HID and ANT commands for session pause and resume.
  6. Implemented both HID and ANT commands for getting weight, MMP and MHR from monitor.
  7. 'Use power per kilo parameter' option in Settings replaced with 'Use user data' option which has three option: none, weight and weight/MMP/MHR. If weight is selected, prior to entering session, the user is asked to enter wight. If weight/MMP/MHR is selected, the user is asked to enter weight, MMP and MHR.
  8. Solved bug because of which ANT communication was stopped after pairing ANT heart rate chest belt to the monitor.
  9. Solved bug because of which interval workouts and tests did not work properly in case when Settings option 'Jump to Just Ride at startup' was set to 'yes'.

Version 1.19.1 — 2014/09/04

  1. Implemented that when monitor connected to Power Cycling software, username is flashing above ANT ID on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Implemented that when monitor connected to Power Cycling software, in case of disconnecting USB communication or disabling Wattbike ANT channel, username is erased on the monitor.
  3. Removed option 'Reset training zones' from Settings, Default User tab. Instead, the same command is implemented in context menu at 'Training zones' dialog in Settings, Default User tab.
  4. Implemented option in Settings - Default user on/off. In case of setting this option to 'off', all parameters related to default user become invisible. This option is set to 'off' by default (after reset all states command performed).
  5. Implemented that, even in case of default user turned off, when connected to PWC SE software and software requires user data, monitor does show 'Set user data' dialog. Additionally, training  zones (MMP, MHR) are not shown on session screen in that case.
  6. Implemented two additional options in context menu on session screen: Set User Data and Training zones. Set User Data dialog enables user to set up weight, MMP and MHR that are used for determining user's training zones. Training zones screen show training zones based on MMP and MHR.
  7. Implemented language support for Japanese language.

Version 1.19.0 — 2014/08/05

  1. Excluded race option from the main menu. ANT channel option placed instead. Implemented dialog for selecting ANT channel.
  2. ANT ID number placed at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Implemented battery capacity and charging indicator at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Peak Watt replaced with avg. Watt on session screen (the Watts screen) at the bottom line.
  5. Implemented live zones during session - power zones based on MMP and HR zones based on MHR. Zone indicator located next to current values for power and HR.
  6. Implemented options to delete/rename individual favourite workouts rather than just Edit and Delete List options. Increased the number of favourite workouts saved to 20.
  7. Implemented mechanism for programming a favourite workout on one bike and transferring by USB stick to other bikes. Use context menu to switch     between workouts on USB stick and WPC, and to copy them. Additional options in the menu list are only available if USB stick is connected.
  8. Implemented 20 minutes threshold test and calculation of FTP - functional threshold power. Implemented Recall screen showing training zones based on FTP.
  9. Changed default test start watts to 55 W and stage ramp to 15 W for submax and max ramp tests.
  10. Test screens for submax and max ramp tests the target watts are shown next to average watts ñ changed layout of the screen so that target watts and average watts are the largest numbers in middle of screen.
  11. Changed default value for Workout inactive time to 4' and Turn off time to 5'.
  12. Implemented option for jump to Just Ride immediately at startup, like on the model A monitor. If activated, session file is not created and session data is not saved, recall is not shown at the end of the session.
  13. Implemented additional tab in Settings - Default user. When no user is logged in, values from this tab are used for necessary calculations. Implemented screen for showing training zones based on MMP and MHR.
  14. Implemented screen for viewing training zones. It can be called at three places: settings (default user tab), manage profile section and during session from menu options. The zones are calculated according to achieved MMP and MHR. If user is logged in, person's MMP/MHR are used, otherwise MMP/MHR from Default user tab are used.
  15. XML functionality - Session data is now saved to XML files, besides saving to session files. It will allow uploading of data to WB logbook as well to 3rd party web-services. XML files are saved to the separate folder in the 'Wattbike Expert' folder on the monitor's SD card and on the USB stick if connected.
  16. Implemented compatibility of Model B monitor with Wattbike Studio Edition software. Connection both via USB cables and ANT is available.
  17. Language updates.
  18. Solved bug with displaying zones in session in case that MMP/MHR are set to zero.
  19. Solved bug with monitor freezing while setting MMP/MHR on Default user tab in Settings.
  20. Excluded automatic sensor detection as it caused coefficients loss occasionally. Sensor detection performed only at startup.
  21. Solved bug with displaying long sessions in Recall.

Version 1.18.4 — 2014/03/18

  1. Solved a bug which caused heart rate signal not to be properly saved to session file in case of using Polar HR belt.

Version 1.18.3 — 2014/02/14

  1. Solved a bug which caused occasional freezing of firmware when starting session transmission to the Expert software.

Version 1.18.2 — 2014/01/30

  1. Solved a bug with auto-zero process which caused occasional freezing of firmware when bike is not connected to sensor.
  2. Implemented automatic mounting of SD card (and access to PC) when 'SD card content not valid' condition occurs.

Version 1.18.1 — 2014/01/15

  1. Implemented additional HID commands in order to support operation with "Wattbike Express Test" software.
  2. Solved bug with data transmission over ANT+ Bike Power and Bike Speed and Cadence channels during interval workouts.
  3. Solved bug with auto-zero process.

Version 1.18 — 2013/12/23

  1. Implemented HID commands in order to support operation with "Wattbike Express Test" software.
  2. Certain fixes made in order to solve bug with auto-zero process,

Version 1.17 — 2013/12/09

  1. Changed content of certain ANT packets for Bike Power profile in order to meet ANT Certification body requirements (manufacturer and product information).
  2. Added ANT+ logos to the startup screen.
  3. Excluded bottom line (containing text 'settings') from Settings tabs.
  4. Forward slash symbol '/' added into the alphabet used for naming a favourite custom workout.
  5. Changed interface for setting up new workouts. Accidental press to Enter or Esc buttons will not take user out of the dialog.
  6. Implemented permanent profile login. If this feature is enabled, then if some user was logged in at the moment of monitor turning off, the user will be logged in at the power on again. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the Settings menu.
  7. Implemented that username set up in Power Cycling software is displayed on the monitor as well. Text length limit for USB connection is 30, while for ANT it is 17 characters.
  8. Implement mechanism for saving fatigue factor (result of 30'' test) to the user profile in case user is logged in when test is performed.
  9. Added displaying of bike model (Pro/Trainer) in Properties in case it is defined in 1-wire memory of the bike.
  10. Implemented Autozero mechanism - if the force signal does not change for 10 seconds, current offset value is written to the bike's 1-wire memory. This option can be enabled/disabled in Settings options.
  11. Implemented Signals and reed switches test screen. It is placed inside Test protocol items.
  12. Enabled setting up and riding workouts longer than 9 hours. Maximum workout length limited to 48 hours.
  13. Implemented translations of new phrases for all languages.

Version 1.16 — 2013/10/09

  1. Changed content of ANT packets for Wattbike channel, improved data security. Changes made in Power Cycling software too. Therefore, this version of firmware is incompatible with older version of software.
  2. Solved several bugs in communication between monitor and Power Cycling software.
  3. Improved implementation of Bike Power ANT profile. Added functionality for responding to calibration request messages.
  4. In ANT channel menu under Settings, added additional options for choosing between all combinations of ANT channels.
  5. Solved problem with hardware test protocol when using PC test applications.

Version 1.15 — 2013/10/01

  1. Implemented new  tests. 5'' Power peak test removed, Submax ramp test inserted instead. 30'' test - added screens for resistance setting prior the test, changed session screen, added test result page in recall. Ramp and 3' Aerobic test - added screens for user data setting prior the test, added test result page in recall, added training zones screen in recall.
  2. For Ramp test and 3' test, on 'Test' screen in recall MMP, MHR, VO2Max estimate, METs are calculated. In case that user is logged in, these values are saved to the user's profile.
  3. Implemented calculation and saving of MMP and MHR values to the user profile if the user is logged in during 3' Aerobic test, Max ramp test or Submax ramp test. MMP and MHR values are shown under 'Manage Profile' options if user's sport level is set to advanced or expert. These values are editable.
  4. For Ramp test and 3' test, on 'Zones' screen in recall, training zones (Power, HR, METs) are calculated based on user's MMP, MHR.
  5. Graphical bug solved - during race, in the lower left corner phrase 'rank' was always in English, regardless of current language.
  6. Solved several graphical bugs related to displaying phrases in German, French and Finnish language.
  7. Solved bug that caused creating new and editing existing imperial race not to work properly.
  8. Solved bug that caused W/kg to be shown in Recall instead of W/lb when imperial units are selected and user did not enter his weight prior to session.
  9. Solved bug that caused irregular calculation of small font characters width in case of using special characters.
  10. Implemented that in case test is not finished, recall page General says 'Completed: No', except for Ramp test.
  11. Included 1-wire bike test into complete test procedure in Test Protocol.
  12. Implemented setting SD card into storage mode so it can be accessed as a drive on PC - go to Properties->Memory tab, UP or DOWN to go to 'Turn on USB storage' button, press ENTER.
  13. Changed implementation of files and folders structure on the SD card. Folders and file (sessions, races) names are now more user-friendly. First time monitor powers up after loading V1.15 firmware, all old files and folders will be updated at startup.
  14. Solved bug that caused irregular displaying of W/kg in session in case of value above 10.0.
  15. Solved bug that caused irregular displaying of battery % in Properties in case of 100%.
  16. Solved bug that caused irregular menu displaying in recall during rest time, in case that window menu or some control is opened.
  17. Implemented displaying of live HR in Recall screen during rest period between two intervals.
  18. Implemented setting of start level and stage ramp (in Watts) for Ramp tests, prior the test. The target power for the interval is then shown at the session screen next to current power value.
  19. On session screens, phrases 'avg', 'peak' and 'total'  are shown translated to the specified language, rather than being in English regardless of language used.
  20. Session live summary screen, for Fmax angle character '∞' is used instead of 'deg'.
  21. Solved bug in race preparations screen when window menu is opened and automatically closed after 30s.
  22. Implemented Chinese language (simplified Chinese).
  23. Implemented Taiwanese language (traditional Chinese).
  24. Implemented Russian language.
  25. Implemented Estonian language.
  26. Changed folder structure on the SD card and USB stick. File and folder names are more user friendly - folder names are the same as person's names, session and race filenames are more descriptive.
  27. Implemented three ANT channels: one for Bike Power profile, one for Bike Speed and Cadence profile and one for Wattbike. Wattbike channel uses bidirectional ANT communication between monitor and PC equipped with ANT stick. Group activity and races with multiple bikes possible. Wattbike channel uses public ANT network key.
  28. Changed implementation and appearance of tabs in Recall page.

Version 1.14 — 2013/06/13

  1. Implemented Spanish language.
  2. Implemented Portuguese language.
  3. In order to accommodate proper appearance of Spanish and Portuguese phrases, certain graphical adjustments made in Settings, Sessions list, Recall, User menus, Statistics, Create New Workout.
  4. Solved bug with favorite workouts which caused appearing of message box 'Undefined workout'.
  5. Solved bug with message box 'Could not open file' appearing for Past workouts.
  6. Added decimal place for average pace and average speed values in session screen.

Version 1.13 — 2013/04/25

  1. Solved bug which caused displaying rest time 00:00 in Recall after any test session, although rest time should not be displayed in that case.
  2. Solved bug which caused jumping to Power peak test screen again after starting some workout preceded by Power peak test, in case option Last active session screen was active.
  3. Solved bug which caused not to exit out of session in case of certain inactive time spent in the session.
  4. Solved bug which caused option Log in not to work properly in case of defining and logging in the first user on the monitor.
  5. Solved bug with too long user's username, first name and last name.

Version 1.12 — 2013/04/19

  1. Implemented support for German language.
  2. Implemented dialog for choosing of language. It activates upon performing 'Reset all states' command (Prepare for first run).
  3. Implemented setup options for adjusting Turn OFF Time and Session Inactive Time. It's implemented under "Device settings". Hidden setup options (Turn exam mode On/Off) are moved from "Device Tab" to "Sound Tab".
  4. Implemented that if monitor stays for specified time (Turn OFF Time) in HR belt dialog, the monitor automatically turns OFF. This was not the case earlier, monitor would remain in the dialog without turning OFF.
  5. Implemented monitor and bike summary statistics, they are shown under Properties option. Monitor summary is kept inside monitor's 1-wire memory. Bike summary is kept inside bike's 1-wire memory.
  6. Added HID command for reset of MONITOR, BIKE or COMPLETE statistics (from point 7).
  7. Added hidden combination for reset of monitor's or bike's statistic. It's in screen "Properties", under "Monitor" and "Bike" tabs. First should be pressed & hold ENTER and then RIGHT, MENU, LEFT, ESCAPE, all together.  
  8. Solved bug which caused option Last Workout not to work properly for custom made workouts.
  9. Solved bug that during interval workouts caused monitor to suddenly revert rest to 0 and jump over to the next interval immediately.
  10. Solved bug which caused Favorites workout list items to protrude out of the list frame. Solved bug that caused Favorites workout list to overlap with context menu.
  11. Solved bug that caused monitor to freeze in case of plugging USB stick in while some control object (drop list etc.) is active.
  12. Implemented that option 'Last Active' session screen works for intervals.
  13. Solved bug which caused person's average power to be higher than peak power in statistics.
  14. Solved bug which caused  graphical bug with splits longer than 9 minutes in Recall->Splits tab.
  15. Solved bug in person's statistics which caused parameter Symmetry to be skipped while repeatedly pressing button Enter.
  16. Solved bug which caused person's weight to be displayed in kgs rather than lbs in case that imperial units are selected.

Version 1.11 — 2013/03/22

  1. Implemented support for Finnish language.

Version 1.10 — 2013/03/07

  1. Inactive state for Just Ride set to 5 minutes.

Version 1.09 — 2013/02/27

  1. Solved bug - When choosing among the users list to identify, use of right or left arrow freezes the screen.
  2. 1-wire driver modified. Sensor coefficients are read only once, upon powering up.
  3. Implemented 1-wire test for bike sensor.

Version 1.08 — 2013/02/15

  1. Solved bug that caused not entering to Set Time & Date dialog upon turning monitor on after performing Prepare for first run command.
  2. Solved issue with SD card protection.
  3. Inactive time for automatic turning console off changed from 4 to 10 minutes.

Version 1.07 — 2013/01/18

  1. Solved bug that caused monitor sometimes to get frozen during interval workouts and during connecting HR belt in HR belt dialog.
  2. Solved bug that caused some intervals to have irregular power and other parameters values, different to those read by Expert software.
  3. Implemented that in case of irregular time/date value (because of empty coin battery), default time/date value is shown (1.1.2013) instead of irregular time/date.

Version 1.06 — 2012/12/17

  1. Implemented support for weight in Pounds (W/lb).

Version 1.05 — 2012/11/23

  1. Solved bug because of which in case of workout upload mode in language other than English, 'workout upload mode' was written still in English.

Version 1.04 — 2012/11/06

  1. Solved bug because of which in case of Last Active session view setting and after performing Power peak test and then Just ride, monitor jumped again in Power peak test instead of Just Ride.
  2. Solved bug because of which Ethernet network test in test PC software was failing.
  3. Added French translation for 'Preparing for first run'

Version 1.03 — 2012/10/25

  1. Solved bug because of which parameter Symmetry was not always shown in Recall, Intervals tab, and also had irregular name in French.
  2. Solved bug because of which certain values were displayed incorrectly in Recall, Revolutions tab (for example 5.96 was shown as 6.96).

Version 1.03 — 2012/10/24

  1. Solved bug because of which session was not saved correctly in case that the monitor was turned off during session (either just ride, workout, workout intervals or race).
  2. Implemented protection against spurious value of user weight, whose cause is most likely inability to initialize USB stick. In that case, default user weight is used.
  3. Solved bug because of which there was a problem with Symmetry view during session - it was impossible to escape from Intervals workout, and sometimes the monitor got stuck.
  4. Solved bug because of which option 'Go to time' in Recall->revolutions tab did not work properly.

Version 1.03 — 2012/10/23

  1. Solved bug because of which it was not possible to save Intervals Varied favorite workout when W/kg parameter is turned on.
  2. Solved bug in recall page, because of which none of the tabs were selected in case that default recall tab is set to Intervals or Personal, but selected session has no more than one interval.
  3. Solved bug in statistics, because of which avg. power value was irregular.
  4. Solved bug because of which it was possible to put keyboard tone volume to value less than zero.
  5. Solved bug because of which Last Active view for session did not work.

Version 1.03 — 2012/10/22

  1. Solved graphical issues related to displaying text strings in French language in race menus.
  2. Solved problem with race filenames, because of which race list was like this:

    (.. 20:12:_1 Unknown, 28 intervals)
    (.. 20:12:_1 Unknown, 9 intervals)

    Race list is now displayed correctly. Race files made with earlier versions are fixed automatically by using this firmware version.

Version 1.03 — 2012/10/19

  1. Solved problem which sometimes occur when changing user's username (username remains unchanged) - changing just from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa. Example: Bertrand -> BERTRAND, ANA -> Ana etc.
  2. Solved problem which sometimes happens with session filenames, so instead of regular session description in session list, following is displayed:

    (.. 20:12:_1 Unknown, 28 intervals)
    (.. 20:12:_1 Unknown, 9 intervals)
  3. Solved problem with navigation through already set workout intervals (option Workout/Tests->Create New Workout->Intervals varied). In the past, there was a problem with going back and forth through intervals. For example, 8 intervals are set, and navigating back to 1st interval made a problem (all other intervals are deleted).
  4. Solved graphical issues related to displaying text strings in French language.

Version 1.02 — 2012/10/16

  1. Solved problems with monitor freezing in the event of USB stick connecting/disconnecting at certain places:
    - Recall
    - Sessions/races list dialog
    - Statistics
    - 'Users' menu
  2. Solved problems in the event of USB stick connecting/disconnecting while some user is logged in.
  3. Solved problem with connecting USB stick during session ñ USB stick is not recognized in this case until session is over.
  4. Solved problem with disconnecting USB stick during session ñ disconnect event is not recognized until the session is over. Despite USB stick is removed, the session is saved on SD card (regardless of whether any user was logged in on stick or not, session is saved in regular SD card folder 'UnknownUser').
  5. Solved problem in recall, revolutions tab, because of which power values were zeros in case that bike is not connected.
  6. Included translation for French language. English or French language can be chosen in Settings.
  7. Solved bug because of which mistakenly there was text 'Regler' instead of 'Francais' in Settings->Display Settings->Language.

Version 1.01 — 2012/10/01

  1. Implemented displaying Angle of peak force (left leg/right leg) after each session. Implemented saving these angles to session file.
  2. Since this feature was not present in 1.00 version, implemented mechanism for recognizing whether session file is V1.00 or higher. In case the session file is version V1.01 or higher, values for Fmax angle are shown in recall, otherwise not.

Version 1.00 — 2012/09/18

  1. Initial version - delivered to Giant, for updating existing 500+ monitors at their stock.