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3 things to do this autumn for a top 2020

As your summer season comes to an end and you start to migrate back to the pain cave, no doubt you’ll be reflecting on the highs and lows of the past few months. Whether you managed to hit your goals this time round or not, the indoor season is the perfect time to work towards new ones. Here are three things you can do to make sure 2020 is your best season yet.

Identify your weaknesses with Wattbike Atom

1.Identify your weaknesses

If you spent last winter training to improve a particular area, did you notice anywhere you could improve this time round? Maybe you focused on your endurance and now want to improve your sprints? Maybe you’re recovering from an injury or you’ve neglected getting that niggle checked out? Use the start of the indoor training season to self identify your progress, visit a strength and conditioning coach and get back into tip-top condition so you can ensure productivity throughout the remainder of the winter. 

pick your goals with Wattbike Atom

2.Pick your goals and plan for them

Whether you decide to start a training plan on an app such as the Wattbike Hub, or are looking to make your own on Training Peaks, going into your training with an idea of what you want to achieve is the key to a successful and focused season. When deciding on your goals, take the time to evaluate how your season went and how you trained for it. If you struggled for time last winter, maybe plan in a few more HIIT sessions. If motivation was your downfall, make sure your training is varied and try an immersive app like The Sufferfest or Zwift to encourage you to spend time on the bike. 

Reset your training zones with Wattbike Atom

3.Reset your training zones

Take the time to test and set your key training zones before you get started. For better or worse, your FTP is likely to be different from what it was last winter. Make sure you’re working at the right benchmarks to ensure you’re not over or undertraining. Don’t forget to test again later in the season to keep up with your performance improvement.