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Wattbike Hub 101: Connecting To Your Favourite Apps

A few months ago we introduced you to our smartphone app with Wattbike Hub 101: A Guide To The Wattbike Hub For Beginners. Following recent updates to the app, we’re back with the second installment in the series - connecting to your favourite apps. 

What is the Wattbike Hub? 

The Wattbike Hub is an app and website, which you can download for free and use to measure and optimise your Wattbike training. For a more detailed look at the Hub, read our Hub guide for beginners.

What services can I share my data with automatically?

The Wattbike Hub currently allows you to connect  to the following apps: 

When connected your sessions will be automatically shared on Strava and/or TrainingPeaks

Can I use the Wattbike Hub app while using other training apps?

Yes, you can use the Hub app alongside any ANT+ or BLE enabled app. Our users often use the Wattbike app at the same time as:

See below for our how-to guides.

What’s changed in the recent update?

During our most recent update, we’ve listened to your feedback and made lots of improvements, the two most notable ones being:

  • Improved integration with Strava and TrainingPeaks, now controlled from the app in your settings
  • History synced across all devices and the Wattbike Hub website

How to connect to Strava and TrainingPeaks - the first steps

Connecting to Strava and TraniningPeaks is simple and easy, follow the steps below to set yourself up in minutes: 

Step 1: Update your Wattbike Hub app to the latest version (version 2.2.0)

Step 2: Click on Settings > Profile > Scroll to the bottom of your profile page, you will see two buttons which allow you to link your Strava and TrainingPeaks accounts

Step 3: Click the relevant button, sign into your account and authorise the Wattbike Hub to connect

Step 4: That’s it - all your Wattbike Hub data will now be automatically saved to Strava and TrainingPeaks. 

How to connect to other apps

We’ve developed simple ‘how to’ guides to help you connect Wattbike to your favourite apps.

Download the Wattbike Hub for iOS

Download the Wattbike Hub for Android