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Beat Quitter's Day by connecting your Wattbike to your favourite apps

Did you set yourself a New Year’s resolution of becoming fitter, healthier, or leaner? Are you struggling to keep yourself motivated? Join the club. It’s estimated that around 32% of Brits set themselves a New Year’s resolution, but it is also estimated that just 8% of these resolutions will be achieved. The 12th of January has even been dubbed Quitter’s Day by Strava, as it’s the day on which most people drop their fitness resolutions and resort back to their old habits.

But don’t fret. The best way to join the 8% and achieve your resolution is to step up your training and make it interesting, so what is the quickest way to do that? Let someone else plan your sessions and push you, so you don’t have to. Connect your Wattbike to FulGaz, Strava, Zwift, TrainingPeaks, The Sufferfest, or our very own Wattbike Hub, and monitor your training, set training goals for yourself, follow training plans, or ride against other riders in a virtual cycling world.

Monitor your training and improve your results

By connecting your Wattbike to a training app such as Strava, you can monitor your performance each session and make sure you are staying on track to become a fitter and healthier you. If you want someone else to run your sessions, connect to Peloton Digital and get motivated by their class instructors. Prefer a chilled afternoon ride? Connect to Zwift and ride along on a scenic group ride. The possibilities are endless, so connect to your Wattbike today and smash that resolution, whatever it may be! 

Feeling inspired? Get a free subscription to The Sufferfest, Training Peaks, and TrainerRoad when you purchase a Wattbike Atom. Take a look at our latest Atom Training App Offers.

Whether you ride a Wattbike Pro/Trainer or a Wattbike Atom, you’ll find that your Wattbike is compatible with any of the most popular indoor training apps on Android and iOS devices. Take a look at our Best Apps to Use With The Wattbike Atom article for a more comprehensive list of compatible apps and how to connect to them.