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Fighting back with Anthony Brady

Anthony Brady, or Morph as he’s known to his friends, is an ex-Royal Marines Commando and Royal Navy & Royal Marines athlete who had aspirations for Special Forces selection. His life changed after being hit by a car whilst out on his bike, leaving him pieced together by prosthetic jaw joints and ankle pins. Although discharged, things got complicated for Morph as he was fitted with a pacemaker, before developing a nerve condition.

His road to recovery was dealt another blow when, three years later, two close family members died. “My younger brother was killed cycling and my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer soon after,” explains Anthony. “I was looking after my mum when she bought me a Giant Propel to get me cycling again. She died soon after and I made a vow to get my life back. Six months later, I climbed Ventoux three times.” 

“I bought a Wattbike Pro for training and have gone from strength to strength. At 50 years-old, I’m now a powerhouse and force to be reckoned with. Last year I cycled 15,000km. This year I’m focused on developing my power. I can hit 1,200 watts ten to twelve times during a session. I’m considering crit racing next year, among other things.”

We caught up with Morph to find out what makes him one of the #Wattbikers.

What drives you to perform?

“I completed most of my military courses at the top of the class. When I was hit by a car when cycling, that ended my career. I had been training for Special Forces Selection - the pinnacle of everything - and I never got my chance. As a result, I have a desire to prove I am capable of anything.”

What sets you apart from the crowd?

“My attitude. I only race myself. I like to be humble and always help others, even in sport. I am crazy driven, and don’t give up.”

What does being ‘obsessed with performance’ mean to you?

“Striving to beat the challenges I set myself whilst I face a daily battle with all my damage. I firmly believe age and injury are not a hindrance to performance. One shot isall you have, and I’m never going to give in, and never going to stop!”

What is your proudest achievement, in or out of sport?

“It would be easy to say earning my Green Beret, however, overcoming the death of my Mum and Brother. Then, six-months later, getting off my walking stick and painkillers to do the Club des Cingles in 9.5 hours. That was tough.”

When you have a setback, what makes you get back up?

“I don’t know how to stop. There’s something in me that hits everything with all I have. I have experienced so many setbacks, I just know that after each one I have become more focused and even stronger!”

How would you describe the Wattbike to someone with no knowledge of it?

“The ultimate indoor training tool, capable of sustaining all the power, drive and passion you can throw at it. If Carlsberg made indoor bikes…”

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