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Five Feet to Fitness - Make Progress, Not Excuses

No excuses with Wattbike, part of the Hilton fitness revolution.

Whether you are training for a 100-mile ride or just trying to keep fit in general, if you want a day off you will usually find an excuse. It offers an easy way out. 

It’s too cold outside. It’s too wet. I’m travelling this week. We have heard them all before. And we don’t like them.

If it’s cold and wet outside, it’s the perfect time to get on the Wattbike. While others are making excuses you are making progress. Now, with Hilton, ‘I’m travelling’ is covered.

Wattbike is part of the biggest change in hospitality in decades, as Hilton has just unveiled an in-room wellness concept called Five Feet to Fitness. In simple terms, it brings the gym to you, in your hotel room.

Now travelling doesn’t have to interrupt your training, with Wattbike part of an eleven piece interactive kit.   

Initially launched in San Francisco, Hilton aim to roll out the concept at other selected locations across the US. As the first major hotel company to standardise hotel gyms, Hilton have a proven track record of successful fitness concepts.

So, if you are looking for another excuse not to train, Wattbike isn’t going to give you one. We are obsessed with performance and fitness. No excuses.

If you're a regular traveller who needs a structured approach to training, try one of our expertly designed training plans. Alternatively, if you need a quick calorie burning workout, try one of our three weight management sessions

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