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Hilton DoubleTree Five Feet to Fitness concept launches in Islington together with Wattbike

Hilton hotels and Wattbike have partnered up to bring the very first Five Feet to Fitness site to the UK mainland after great success in the US for the past couple of years. Opening at the Hilton DoubleTree Islington in July, the site will feature three rooms to cater to the health-conscious traveler. Each room will hold a Wattbike Trainer which will be switched to an AtomX as soon as they become available this autumn. 

Five Feet to Fitness is an in-room wellness concept that brings eleven different fitness equipment and accessory options into the hotel room. This concept makes it easier than ever for exercise enthusiasts to maintain their fitness routine while staying with Hilton. The initiative is part of Hilton’s innovation efforts to modernise the hospitality fitness experience and make it more inclusive by offering fitness concepts tailored to the hotel’s location and guests.

Once the Islington pilot site has been completed, Wattbikes will be installed into 50 other DoubleTree sites in the UK and all DoubleTree new builds across the country and other EMEA locations. Wattbikes will be found in three to six rooms per site and all existing DoubleTree hotels are planned to be retrofitted over the next 2 years. 

Ryan Crabbe, Senior Director of Global Wellness at Hilton, states: 

“Five Feet to Fitness has been thoughtfully engineered to serve as a guest’s personal wellness stage, complete with sports performance materials and best-in-class gym accessories. Guests will quickly realise we have gone much further than simply placing a piece of equipment in a room. We know that no matter how determined people are about making healthy decisions while at home, the ability to replicate those choices are often not as accessible as they should be while traveling. We’re creating choice and control for guests to drive their own fitness experience.”

This install equates to 350+ rooms in the UK, and another 2000 rooms across EMEA and APAC. Next time you stay in a Hilton DoubleTree look out for the Five Feet to Fitness suite to get access to your very own Wattbike when travelling. 

Check out the Islington site here.

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