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How to train like a Wattbiker this winter

So, you’ve been smashed to bits all year by that friend who spent the off-seson on the Wattbike. Next summer is payback time, and you want in on the secret. How do you train like a Wattbiker? In this blog we’ll give you the low down.

Find a Wattbike

Whether you want to train in your own pain cave at home with the Atom, or hit a Wattbike class at the gym, the first thing you need to do is find a Wattbike. Our bikes combine our years of painstaking research, analysis and improvement into the ultimate range of indoor trainers. With data that’s reliable and accurate enough for World champions, you can ride in confidence that you’re getting the most effective workout possible.

Start a training plan

Wattbikers don’t just pedal aimlessly. They study their goal and make sure each workout they do is a carefully selected building block in their impregnable training plan. Wattbikers know that work, family and other commitments can all be obstacles to training, so they use a training plan to offer structure and easy to follow sessions that slot seamlessly into their daily routine. In addition, needing to think about what you’re doing each time you train and how it fits into your goal can be stressful. We know that following a plan takes this stress away, as every time we jump on the Wattbike, the session will be exactly what we need.

Become a Wattbiker

Wattbikers don’t quit. Whether our goal is to beat the best or improve our performance, we are determined to destroy our targets. This means fighting through the pain of every interval, This means never missing a session. This means hitting the numbers all the time, every time. Once you adopt this mindset and feel the results, you will be part of our tribe. 

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