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HUUB Wattbike Team to compete at National Championships

December was a big month for the HUUB Wattbike team with a big win at the UCI Track World Cup in London. But unlike the rest of us, they had little time to rest. January sees the team take to the National Championships in Manchester from the 25th-27th, with big ambitions and dreams of stamping selections for the World Track Championship in February.

HUUB Wattbike team principal, Dan Bingham says: “We’ll be racing the IP, TP and Kilo. We’re hoping for a lock out on the podium, if the stars align.”

Having taken on the leadership role in the team, with a view towards individual goals, Dan has taken a temporary step back from the immediate planning and overseeing performance for the team, leaving it down to the individual and giving feedback where possible.  “It means less control my end, but it’s much less stressful for me.” This isn’t to say the team race is any less important however - Dan says they’re planning to go full gas in the final to get the win. 

So as it’s every man for themselves, what’s Bigham’s plan for personal victory? “In the IP, it’s simple:  beat John and ride fast! I have a 4.5 second gap to jump but have made some aero gains recently. I need to be quick enough to stamp my selection for Worlds.”

The addition of a third day of racing doesn’t look to be phasing the boys as Dan reminds us they train to perform, but he says the focus on planning needs to be greater - especially when it comes to recovery and nutrition.

“At the Nationals we’ll have a chef and nice apartment nearby, so we can have ice baths and rest well. They are small differences but it’s the small differences that collectively can lead to a win,” he says.

So will we be seeing them at the Worlds? It’s certainly the game plan but Dan sounds modest: “Big question mark - all I can do is prepare well and win at Nationals, then it’s out of my hands.” 

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