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Joanna Rowsell-Shand Shares Her Story In Full Circle Autobiography

Our ambassador, Joanna Rowsell-Shand, is not only a double Olympic gold medallist and World Champion, she’s now an author too. Her new autobiography, ‘Full Circle’ hits the shelves today.

Having worked with Joanna for a few years, we’ve heard snippets of her inspirational journey, but now it’s time for everyone to discover how she went from a shy teenager to an Olympic Champion. We took the opportunity to ask Joanna about Full Circle and her motivation for writing her first book:   

Upon retiring writing a book seemed like a natural progression and a lovely way to reflect on my career. It was also a great exercise to help me with the transition away from being an elite athlete by giving me something to work towards. Retiring was far harder than I could ever have imagined but by being able to have another goal to work towards straight away after the announcement gave me a great focus.

The writing process made me both laugh and cry, and I hope it will give everyone some interesting insight into my journey.

Another motivating factor for writing the book was to increase awareness of alopecia. This was my chance to give my view on the media excitement which surrounded me during my first Olympic gold and how I handled that attention.

I hope by reading this book there may be other people out there who gain the confidence to follow their dreams no matter their inhibitions, shyness or nerves.

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