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Joanna Rowsell-Shand On How To Stay Motivated Training Indoors

At Wattbike, we're the first to admit that sometimes, it can be hard to stay motivated to train indoors when the sun is shining outside, or you're tired from a long day at work. 

Thankfully, with a Wattbike you've got the ultimate training tool and scores of accurate data to inspire and completely transform your training. 

But how does an Olympic athlete stay motivated when it comes to hitting her next power session at home? 

To help you approach your training like a pro, we caught up with our ambassador Joanna Rowsell-Shand to find out her all-time best quick tip for keeping motivation. 

Need more motivation? Check out our six top tips below: 

Change your training environment 

It goes without saying that training indoors or at home on your own requires a degree of self motivation. 

Having a mental stimulus in your training environment means you’re far more likely to train. If you’ve a Wattbike at home, there’s lots of scope to create this. Get a picture on the wall that motivates you, an inspirational quote, a garden view.  

If you’re at the gym, use data from our smartphone app, Wattbike Hub, to drive you; train with others, listen to music, learn a language if you must!  

If your training environment doesn’t motivate you, change it. Keep it positive, uplifting and inspirational.  

Break the session down 

Consider what you can to to check off mental milestones within your session. If it’s looking a bit arduous, can you break it into more manageable intervals or sections - even if it’s just mentally? 

Choose one thing that you’re going to focus on in each section. Sometimes, the small, personal victories are what counts. Celebrate them. 

Just do it 

The majority of elite athletes don’t wake up skipping to training every day, and there’s an element of just-getting-it-done probably more often that you think. There was a reason Nike coined their infamous slogan. Accept that sometimes training is a case of simply putting the rigors and the emotions of the day aside, and adopting a ‘just do it’ mentality. 

One trick is to find your ‘switch’ routine. Adopt an easy ritual that you stick to every time you train. It doesn’t have to be long – take a stretch, pull on your shoes, count to 20 if you must. Use it as a cue to re-invent yourself. Mentally abolish any emotions of the day, switch your mindset to ‘doing’ mode, and tell yourself that you are unstoppable, despite what the day has brought.  

Think retrospectively 

Remember how good you felt at the end of the last session? When you could sit down satisfied you’d fulfilled your stronger, faster quota? 

When you approach a session, ensure you switch to your retrospective head and stay focused on the end goal. 

Try the ‘extra mile’ a week approach 

Add one thing each week to your training that you can celebrate and makes you feel like you’re going the extra mile. Get up early to train, do a secret lunchtime training session, pack something healthier for your work lunch, recover and go to bed early…whatever it is that benefits your training but makes you feel positive. 

Pushing yourself to do these small things breeds self-discipline and will help you realise the potential you have to plan and achieve, no matter how small.

Make yourself accountable 

Our smartphone app, the Wattbike Hub, allows you to record and recall your session data, as well as measure progress. By making yourself accountable for your own progress, you can become a more motivated and ultimately, more resilient athlete who take responsibility for improvement. 

Tell friends and family about your training so they are more likely to ask about your progress. Wattbike connects to popular training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, Garmin and The Sufferfest, each with online training communities. Use all the apps and devices available to you to train.

We can’t all be elite athletes, but there’s nothing to stop us reaching our own goals with the mindset of one.