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Announcing triathlete Lucy Gossage as a Wattbike Ambassador

Wattbike Lucy Gossage Training

Today we are really pleased to announce IRONMAN triathlete Lucy Gossage as the latest Wattbike Ambassador. Lucy is taking a two-year sabbatical from her career in medicine to train as a full-time triathlete with her big goal for 2014 being Kona qualification (which she's already achieved).

In 2013 Lucy's results included victory at IRONMAN UK and IRONMAN Wales proving just what a special athlete she is. And the first half of 2014 has been just as spectacular with a 2nd at IRONMAN South Africa followed by a win at IRONMAN Lanzarote in April

Welcoming Lucy to our roster of Ambassadors was an easy decision for us. She's been using a Wattbike for some time now and has been using it for very specific interval sessions.

Training for three disciplines is a challenge for all triathletes so the Wattbike is a fantastic tool to help you train in the most efficient and effective way. It'll not only help your cycling but will have a positive impact on your swimming and running too.

We caught up with Lucy for a quick Q&A when she visited Wattbike HQ recently.


How did you get started in triathlon?
 Lucy Gossage
: I signed up to my first IRONMAN as a drunken dare - at the time I was working as a junior doctor and some medical students I’d been teaching had told me about a friend of theirs who had done this thing called an IRONMAN.  I thought it sounded ridiculous and completely impossible but I guess it sowed the seed in my brain and eventually I signed up. I never thought I’d finish and certainly didn’t think I’d do more than one!

When did you do first IRONMAN?
I raced Ironman UK in 2006 and loved it. A couple of months later I was persuaded by a work colleague to pluck up the courage to join the local tri club (TFN) and I guess that’s what hooked me ultimately.

And now you've turned pro, was that always an ambition?
I certainly never planned to race professionally when I started! TFN is a very social club and the training was a great way to meet new friends. But over the years with the club I started to ‘train’ rather than exercise and gradually improved from novice to average age grouper to good age grouper.

How did you progress through to where you are today?
In 2010 I went ‘sub-10’ at Ironman and also had a good race in Hawaii so in 2011 I decided to challenge myself to race pro, despite continuing to work full time - I had moved to Cambridge by this point to start a PhD on kidney cancer). I went part time late in 2011 and have continued to surprise myself with my progression over the years! I finally finished my PhD in March so am now giving myself a sabbatical to allow me to race and train as a pro.

2014 is a big year for you as a first year pro, how has it gone so far?
: It's been brilliant up to this point.. My number one goal for the year was to qualify for Hawaii and I achieved that with a second place at IRONMAN South Africa and a win at IRONMAN Lanzarote. I also turned a few heads by winning the infamous Ballbuster duathlon outright and ‘chicking’ all the men!

And for the rest of the year, what's on your agenda?
: My ultimate aim is to put together a decent race in Kona and see where that gets me. I’m racing Alpe d’Huez triathlon in the build up and will probably do another 70.3 at some stage. The Wattbike is great for simulating long climbs in your back garden! (See Lucy's recent image from Twitter)

How are you finding training on the Wattbike?
The best thing about Wattbike is its practicality! I love the fact it is permanently set up and there is no faff in terms of building a turbo/changing wheels on your bike etc. Plus you can wheel it outside on a hot day! Having all the data on a screen in front of you is invaluable for a hard session and I find focusing on the pedal stroke analysis helps you keep your form when you’re working hard.

The question we are always asked is 'What sessions do you do on your Wattbike?' So tell us, what sessions are you currently putting yourself through?
I use the Wattbike for short, intense session that you can’t do on the road. I quite often use the Sufferfest DVDs – I find they really make me push to that extra level and am honestly almost crying at the end!

We'll be bringing you more from Lucy throughout the year but in the meantime we're off to shed our own tears on the Wattbike the latest Sufferfest offering.

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