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Q&A With Matt Crampton: Wattbike's Data Is Invaluable

Track cyclist Matt Crampton has enlisted the Wattbike to help build his power training and lactate threshold on the #RoadToRio. We took the opportunity to ask him some burning questions before his upcoming trip to the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in London. 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your sporting background

I started cycling at 14, before that I used to ride BMX, doing jumps and trying to do tricks but I crashed a few times and got bashed up. I helped out at a local bike shop on Saturdays and they recommended going to the velodrome. I rode a few taster sessions with my Dad and quickly joined Eastlands Velo. 

Q: What made you get into track cycling?

Being from Manchester the track is local and I ended up regularly riding the track up to three  times a week. I was successful in track league early on and really enjoyed the track. 

Q: What is your proudest achievement so far?

I really enjoyed my time in Japan racing in the Keirin.

Q: When did you first start using a Wattbike in your training? 

I have used the Wattbike on and off at British Cycling. But, I’ve only properly started training on it in the last couple of months. I chose Wattbike as a training tool because I wanted to work on my power training and build a better lactate tolerance. I’ve also struggled to find a turbo trainer that you can sprint flat out and the Wattbike is perfect for this. Plus, the data is invaluable. 

Q: What is your favourite Wattbike session?

I like, or find the most benefit in, doing interval based sessions. Sessions such as 30 seconds on 1 minute off, or 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. These are tough to do on a bike on the track or out on the road as you are working so hard and turn yourself inside out. On the Wattbike you can make efforts really specific. 

I also like the the 6 second max sprints!

Q: What are your goals for the coming year?

To make the Worlds team and to go to the Olympics.

Q: What’s your best advice for someone who wants to get into cycling?

Join a club and get stuck in! 

Q: What’s your best advice for amateur cyclists who want to improve their performance?

Try to be specific with your training, don’t just ride endless miles. Mix it up working on strength, power, acceleration and aerobic conditioning. Find a good coach who can prescribe a periodised interval based training plan.