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Performance Portrait: Ryan Corbyn

Performance. It means different things to different people. For some, it means consistent training to achieve a podium finish. For others, it means working on their fitness everyday to ensure they can live life to the fullest. In this series, we interview riders to find out what performance means to them.  

Credit: David Helsby

Ryan Corbyn is a 34 year old small business owner and father to a three year old. He’s been riding a Wattbike Atom since October 2017 and lives in Rutland.

Ryan, tell us what inspired you to start cycling...

My Dad was a talented sportsman in his youth with an incredibly strong mind, but he lived most of his life in a physically disabled body from the age of 16. He was proud to tell everyone about my long rides and beautiful bikes, he missed so many opportunities that able people take for granted. How could I do anything other than live life to the fullest?

And what is it about cycling that has kept you coming back? Why it is so important to you?

Self reflection and a break from real life, for me, cycling is an island. It’s a place I can stop thinking outwardly; no work, calls or emails. You can do so much thinking on a bike ride.

What does being obsessed with performance mean to you?

For me, performance is to carry out all my roles in life consistently everyday. I have to perform as a father, a husband, a small business owner and still train in the gaps for health and wellbeing. In recent years the life balance has been way off, the Atom is quickly helping me get some fitness back.

Great to hear the Atom is restoring balance in your life, are you training for anything specific right now?

I’m currently using the Wattbike Atom for recovery from knee surgery and a return to peak fitness for some amateur road racing.

I use the Atom in two ways, the first using the Wattbike Hub ‘Just Ride’ feature, with focus on the pedalling efficiency score (PES) to rehab my knee (which had some cartilage issues recently). PES really helps me concentrate on technique and riding smoothly at high cadence; it helps me train at intensity without overloading the knee joint.

The second is Zwift (via the AppleTV app) for general fitness and a bit of entertainment. I find it motivating to see so many other people training around the globe.

What is your most used feature on the Wattbike Atom?

I use the third party App integration more than anything; the bike connects instantly to Zwift. It’s a really easy way to switch on and start training. I rode up a mountain yesterday!

Kudos for the mountain climb! So, what else is on your cycling bucket list for 2018 and beyond?

  1. Ride with my son, nowhere in particular, just enjoying riding together.
  2. Get accredited on the track, I’ve never tried it.
  3. Watch all The Monuments at the roadside

And finally, what’s one piece of kit you couldn’t live without?

A power meter, whether on the Atom or the bike. It’s an honest, scientific, measurable way to see where your fitness is and if your progressing or if there’s a challenge ahead.

That and a 30” high velocity drum fan.

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