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Rolling hills in Red Rock Canyon

Wattbike at IHRSA 2013 Wattbike at IHRSA 2013

This past week has been a busy one for us with people at the Taipei International Cycle Show and at IHRSA, a show bringing together the best of the health, fitness and sports world. Although there wasn't an opportunity to see the next generation of cycling technology, I think getting to go to IHRSA might still have been regarded as the better option, it was after all in Las Vegas.

When we talk about the Wattbike, one thing that people often ask is, do you ride and then immediately after that do you train on a Wattbike? The answer is yes to both, and this week has been no exception.

Wattbike at IHRSA 2013 Wattbike at IHRSA 2013

After a late arrival into Las Vegas on Monday evening, we picked up a couple of our friends from David Lloyd Leisure and Everyone Active the following morning and headed over to the outskirts of the city where we had reserved some road bikes. The day dawned with clear blue skies and the temperature was soon into the high 20s, with a slight breeze. Just perfect conditions for a gentle ride into Red Rock Canyon to help to get over jetlag.

As we rode out of Las Vegas we saw cyclists, triathletes and runners all finishing their morning sessions, and heading home before the heat of the day. A few hours later (and a few patches of sunburn later) it was clear why they had done their training early.

Wattbike at IHRSA 2013

The loop took us up into Red Rock Canyon nature reserve, which has some beautiful scenery, and took in some gentle hills. It was a great ride and a great opportunity to see a bit of the countryside, especially as for the next two days were unable to get outside!

Next year IHRSA will take place in San Diego, so we better start planning our route!