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Five ways to stay motivated over Autumn/Winter

when the summer season ends and the days start to get shorter and colder, it can be hard to motivate yourself to train. In order to stay on track and hit next season’s goals, it’s not as easy as taking the winter off and cramming in the indoor training sessions come spring. Here are our top tips for motivating yourself over the autumn and winter months. 

Wattbike training in autumn and winter months

01.Take a break

Sometimes time off can be beneficial. Make sure you get adequate rest and recovery before starting your indoor season and make time to see friends and family after a busy racing season. This could mean two weeks completely ride free, or a few recovery spins depending on your schedule. Taking a break can help prevent burning out, and we know you’ll be itching to get back on the bike when it’s over! 

02.Stick to a schedule during the autumn

Getting into a routine nice and early is a great way to continue feeling motivated throughout the later months. Once you’ve worked out how long you can dedicate to your training each night it’ll be much easier to hop on the Wattbike Atom and grind out a session. Soon it’ll feel as natural as your usual wake-up or wind-down routine.  

03.Try new training techniques

If you feel like your training is hitting a rut, the autumn/winter season is a great time to switch up and add something new. Considering bringing in some off-bike strength training and try a routine with weights, or check out a new indoor cycling app to bring in a new element of interest. 

04.Beat the blues 

The autumn and winter months can be a difficult time for adjustment, and according to research commissioned by YouGov,  one in three adults suffer from seasonally affected disorders. If you’re starting to feel a little blue on a dull day, hop on the indoor bike and release those endorphins through exercise. 

05.Make the most of daylight

If you have the luxury of still being able to ride outside, even at weekends, make the most of it. Outdoor and indoor training accompany each other well, plus you’ll be able to see those indoor gains translate onto the road. You’ll have until the end of October before the clocks change back, so if it’s safe to go out, maybe add in a weekly ride to avoid pain cave-induced cabin fever. You could even organise a group ride and convince your pals to join you on Zwift!

Wattbike pain cave

Is your pain cave ready for the winter ahead? Avoid getting caught out and make sure you’re kitted out.