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How Wattbike Can Help You Survive the Summer Holidays

School’s out for summer. If you’re battling to keep the little ones entertained for six weeks, your personal fitness can sometimes take a backseat, but it doesn’t have to. Here, we explain how adding indoor training to your schedule can help you survive the summer holidays.

Prepare for the holidays by testing your fitness and deciding on your goals

First things first, you need to decide how to approach the holidays. Do you simply want to maintain fitness or do you have a late season event you need to train for? Write down what you want to achieve in the next six weeks. 

Next, set your benchmark by completing a fitness test. Once you have your figures, spend some time working out how to achieve your target. Our structured training plans offer easy to follow sessions designed to help you meet a specific goal, in the most efficient way possible.  

Train before the day beings, or when the kids are in bed

One of the biggest benefits of a home trainer is that you don’t need to leave the house. So no need for babysitters or partners to cover you whilst at the gym or out on the road. A perfect time to fit in a quick session is before the kids wake up, or after they’ve gone to bed. The Wattbike Atom has been designed to produce minimal noise, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter how hard you push yourself, the kids won’t be awoken by the noise (of the bike at least!) 

Kids busy? Jump on the bike indoors for maximum benefit

Taken Scotty to football practice and have a spare 30 minutes? Jump on the Wattbike! Even a short session indoors can boost your performance. Heading to the pain cave can be much more time efficient than out on the road as you avoid cars, traffic lights and rough terrain. That means you can expend more effort in a shorter time, as you have no external variables getting in your way. Use the Wattbike Hub to save time searching the the perfect indoor session. 

Get the kids involved

Our final suggestion is to make training a family activity. Children often have energy to burn during the summer holidays, so why not get them involved in indoor training too? Depending on their age, you could create an indoor setup using their usual bike and keep them entertained using Zwift or Road Grand Tours. If they’re a little older (and taller), find them a Wattbike so they can get in on the training too!

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