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The Wattbike Became My Best Exercise Friend

The Wattbike is often loved by time crunched cyclists with high ambitions but little time to train due to work and family commitments. In this guest blog, Nerys Blue explains how the Wattbike has become the perfect training partner in her busy life. 

My name is Nerys Blue I am a wife, mum to Harri and Macy (3 and 5), a full time PE teacher at a local secondary school and a member of the GB Women’s Raft Team, on and off for the past 9 years.  Life is pretty busy and to achieve medals every year since 2007 at major  championships – European or Worlds - I need to train between 7-10 sessions a week.  Being very consiencious I also strive to be one of the strongest member’s on the team, which is no easy feat as before last season I have been the only mum on the team.  No stranger to hard work before becoming a wife and having a family, adaptability has been essential to have a balanced life.  This is where the Wattbike comes into its own.

Last season the Wattbike helped me achieve the unimaginable, I become so inspired with it’s use in my training schedule and it was the only piece of equipment that I could count on to give me a workout at any time of day and to satisfy so many training methods from continuous cardiovasciular work, to anaerobic threshold and speed intervals.  It not only worked on cardiovascular, muscular endurance, speed and power, it incredibly changed the shape of my whole body, I lost 5kg and 5% body fat over the 9 months and had the best shapely legs I’d ever had in my entire life at the age of 38.  The best part is that the bike is set up in our dining room therefore I don’t have to leave the house in order to train.  I was a regular 6am Wattbike user, after the kids had gone to bed user and I also had the ability to never have to skip a session if my husband was away working which can be on a weekly basis.  You could say that the Wattbike became my best exercise friend. 

The motivation factors that I had from using the Wattbike came in various forms from the data from the distance achieved, the average wattage and cadence maintained.  Recording this information and calculating distance achieved in a month, attempting to better my scores from the previous session, week or month and set challenges and targets. 

The transfer from the Wattbike to the road after regular winter usage of the Wattbike was astounding and made the road a safer place for me as I was much more powerful in my legs, which was very satisfying and a lot of fun.

I am precise about my training. I use my legs a lot more than you could imagine in the raft and having a huge muscular endurance, strength and power in them is so transferable to my main sport of rafting.  I will be competing in my first triathlon this season and the Wattbike has given me the confidence to make that step.  I have never come across an exercise machine that works me to the intensity that I require, where I feel that I have had real value to my session and that I feel that I can’t wait to get back on it.