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Nuffield Health install Wattbike Zone at Barclay's

Nuffield Health is committed to supporting companies and employees across the country with fitness, wellbeing, treatment and recovery and to this end, Nuffield operates more than 200 corporate on-site gyms across the UK. At Barclay’s headquarters in London, an on-site gym was installed to encourage a proactive approach to wellbeing. 

Wattbikes have been a key feature of Nuffield Health and their corporate gyms for several years, and in September this year Barclay’s decided it was time to trade out their old Wattbikes for new ones - as their current Wattbikes had really been put through their paces by members.

In addition to the bikes being replaced, a full and immersive Wattbike Zone was created to encourage individual training and to increase motivation. The graphics were installed at the end of September, and our Lead Master Trainer Adam Daniel visited the site to deliver our FAST workshop to empower the staff to better support the members and maximise the use of the Wattbikes.  

The zone and education workshop were fully embraced by staff and members, and there is a large cycling demographic present on site who can’t wait to train on brand new Wattbikes in this inspiring environment. 


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