Intelligent Cycling V2

Intelligent Cycling

Introducing Intelligent Cycling

The next-generation of small group training

Small Group Training is the most profitable department for health and fitness facilities, producing a margin of 43.7% and a 56% risk reduction in membership cancellations. Indoor cycling is also the most popular training form for men and women between ages 16-64.

Intelligent Cycling

What is it?

Wattbike have partnered with Intelligent Cycling to bring a world-first, wireless ergo group training platform that allows bi-directional feedback between our Wattbikes and the software. This means that the software controls the resistance of the Wattbike AtomX for each individual rider based on their profile information; transforming indoor cycling into a truly smart, connected experience.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the virtual reality worlds of Intelligent Cycling bring gamification into the indoor cycling arena, allowing your members to dive in head-first into worlds such as Space, Mineshaft, Dinosaurs, or the Ocean.

Riders:Max 200
Integrates with:Spotify & MP3

Intelligent Cycling

Training with Data

Intelligent Cycling delivers a truly unique and meaningful training experience by blending the latest immersive, AI-powered VR graphics with engaging training content to challenge all levels of fitness. Every virtual journey will change the resistance of each AtomX to match the gradient of the terrain, completely dependent on each individual riders’ FTP.

If sites do not want to run The Journey, they can run an indoor cycling class that solely focuses on data. The Connect Player shows a profile view of your session on the big screen together with each riders’ data and is displayed via the unique and innovative zone rim fill feature. Data is also shown to each individual rider on their mobile device and can be exported to other training apps after each session.

Intelligent Cycling

Build your own sessions

The software features over 1000+ pre-programmed workouts that appeal to all members and are organised and grouped together into content packs called ‘camps’. Camps include: Soft Camp, Base Camp, Advanced Camp, Music Theme Camps, Tour de France camps, Vuelta Espana Camps, and many more.

Workouts are progressive, science-based and easy to operate and understand for both instructors and members. Instructors can also use the Session Designer to create their own sessions to target their own demographic, and with seamless integration of Spotify and Tidal playlists, instructors can choose the right tunes for their audiences’ tastes.

Intelligent Cycling

Scientifically proven to improve performance

Immersive training options such as this one, where exercisers get to experience music, visual elements and exercise at the same time, are scientifically proven to make it feel easier to exercise and are more manageable for novice exercisers. This means your members are more likely to retain their membership, as each workout is filled with engaging audio-visual content that is bespoke to each rider and their own personal goals.

This digitally engaging indoor cycling experience can be delivered using the Wattbike AtomX, where each rider can train specifically to their own, personalised training zones. Our partnership with Intelligent Cycling however also allows full scalability and compatibility with our Wattbikes that do not feature ergo mode (Pro, Trainer, and Icon), riders will just have to control the resistance themselves based on FTP figures given on their connected mobile device and via the Wattbike Performance Monitor or Performance Touchscreen. Mixing abilities in a class has never been so seamless.

Intelligent Cycling

What's needed?

  • Wattbikes
  • TV/Screen
  • PC
  • Wifi router
  • Active internet connection
  • Subscription to Intelligent Cycling (£120/month)
  • Members need IC and Hub app on their phone (both free)

Retain more members by installing Wattbike Intelligent Cycling today - it’s proven that members who partake in group exercise have a 56% lower risk of cancelling their gym membership.

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