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Wattbike Webinar Series

In the current climate, being unfit and unhealthy has highlighted the increased risks that obese, overweight, and unfit people are facing in terms of virus protection. In light of this, we've recently taken a deep dive into the scientific archives to investigate the connection between exercise, virus-protection, and how the Wattbike Health Assessment could be the long-awaited answer to the global health crisis. To follow up on this research, Wattbike are excited to announce our first-ever webinar series.


The Wattbike webinar series is a three-part online webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about exercise; the correlation between fitness and virus-protection; fitness testing, and how to administer or undertake the Wattbike Health Assessment. So take a note of the following dates for your diary, and sign up to the webinar series to ensure you don't miss out:

  • Part 1 - Exercise, the immune system, virus protection, and fitness testing - June 25th
  • Part 2 - Cardiorespiratory fitness testing and the Wattbike Health Assessment - July 2nd
  • Part 3 - How to do the Wattbike Health Assessment with live demonstration - July 9th


If you're curious about health, fitness, the immune system, fitness testing, and want to learn more, tune in to our webinar series to get expert advice from our Lead Sport Scientist Eddie Fletcher. Eddie has worked with Olympic rowers, Army personnel, World track champions, and numerous international sporting federations, so he brings decades of knowledge and real-life expertise to the table. 

Learning about fitness testing and the correlation between a healthy body and a good immune system will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how the human body works, and how you can implement fitness testing and performance monitoring into your everyday practices for a more efficient way of training and living. 

The webinar series is suitable for anyone, but will be incredibly beneficial to PTs, fitness instructors, S&C coaches, gym staff, and medical practitioners as you will be able to implement the knowledge gained from the webinar in your everyday practices and client interactions.

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