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Third Space redefine their indoor cycling offer with the Wattbike Nucleus

As the Wattbike Nucleus begins to roll out to sites across the UK, Third Space London have decided to redefine their indoor cycling offer by providing their members with Wattbike’s latest product offering.

Third Space Canary Wharf are setting the bar by providing their members with 10 Wattbike Nucleus bikes to train on, with their Islington site installing four Icons and their City Club installing two.  

Chris Stanton, Wattbike Master Trainer at Third Space London, comments on the rise of training with data, and why Third Space have decided to redefine their indoor cycling offer:

“The explosion of accurate data and instant feedback has taken indoor cycling in exciting new directions. What used to be more music and movement based, has evolved into an indoor cycling experience that harnesses data, tracks performance and utilises metrics to motivate members. Data has become more accurate and refined, helping us train effectively with training zones. Instructors can use this data to become coaches, analysing performance and technique, in the form of the unique Wattbike Pedalling Effectiveness Score to assist individuals even within a class setting.”

The Performance Touchscreen of the Wattbike Nucleus does just this; it provides members with invaluable data and instant feedback which helps improve performance and technique, so members will reach their goals faster. 

Smashing training goals means members are more likely to keep coming back to the gym, so if you are keen to improve your membership retention, get in touch with our sales team today.

Check out Third Space’s offering here, and visit one of their London sites today to get a taste of the future of indoor cycling.