Our high-definition Performance Touchscreen elevates the cycling experience by delivering the most advanced performance feedback; providing riders with accurate data on power, cadence, heart rate, and technique. Riders can also seamlessly connect to third party apps, for a fully connected user experience that improves performance, with every ride.

High Performance touchscreens

Allow your members or athletes to access the world's best workouts, hosted right in the Wattbike Performance Touchscreen. Riders can easily access workout categories which include Endurance, Speed, HIIT, Cycling Simulations, Tests, Climbs (AtomX only), and Challenges right at their fingertips. Users can also design their own workout with our Interval Builder, ride their latest workout from a personalised training plan, or ride at their own pace in Quick Ride.

A QR code scan will log users into their Wattbike Hub account so they can save every workout to the Wattbike Cloud, making sure no session is ever lost. Once logged in, workouts and plans will automatically adapt to suit each rider’s individual training profile, heart rate zones, and training zones, creating an individual, personalised workout that improves performance fast. Users can also share session data with coaches, friends, training partners, or PTs, making sure no workout is ever overlooked.

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Serial Number

Use this when connecting to 3rd party apps, and for accessing advanced options

Network Status

Connect to a network for automatic updates and a connected user experience

Heart Rate

Connect to your Heart Rate belt here, either before your ride or during your ride


For information regarding connectivity to 3rd party apps and other smart devices

Pedal Effectiveness Score / Polar View

Visualise your applied force on each pedal stroke, and improve your technique in real time



See your real time power, the average power of your ride and also your w/kg

Heart Rate

When a HR belt is connected via Bluetooth or ANT+, you can track your heart rate response throughout your ride


See your revolutions per minute in real time, or as an average


See how many calories you are burning


Find a wide a array of workouts to try here - including Speed, Endurance, Technique, HIIT, and our popular Wattbiker Workouts - to cover all user needs

Quick Ride

Don't want to follow a specific workout? Start an open session here

Climbs (AtomX only)

Take on bucket list climbs with automated gradient mapping


When one off workouts aren't enough, continue on your own personal Wattbike training plan here


Tests are available to understand FTP and other key metrics so you can track your progress over time

Interval Builder

When you have limited time to train, build your own intervals to get a personalised, high-intensity workout that suits your needs


Access all of your workout history to monitor improvement over time. If you forgot to log in before you ride, you can just scan the QR code on the workout summary to claim your workout.


Access FAQs and tips to get the most out of your Wattbike and Wattbike Hub data

Log in

Log in to your Wattbike Hub account for a more personalised experience and to automatically save workouts