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How to deal with pre-race anxiety

We’ve all been there, pulling up to race day and getting that all too familiar feeling of adrenaline. Butterflies in your stomach, a raised heart rate, and sharpened senses all signal that your body

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James Golding: How to train for Race Across America

After his success at Race Across the West, Wattbiker James Golding  is ramping up his training for his next big adventure, Race Across America- an ultra-distance road cycling event totalling approximately 4800 kilometres from the west coast to the east coast of the US. With no stages, riders and their respective off-bike teams must judge exactly how much ground to cover daily, with races taking over a week to be completed. With no designated periods

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Make 2020 the year you nail nutrition

Whether you overindulged a little over the holiday, or just wanted to get to grips with what should be going into your body this year, Annie Simpson, performance nutritionist at sports nutrition company,

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