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How To Find Your Nearest Wattbike Class

Whilst its roots are firmly planted in elite cycling, the Wattbike Pro/Trainer has gained a huge fitness following in recent years, being used in gyms, studios and by personal trainers across the country. 

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or a cyclist through and through, there will be a Wattbike setup to suit your needs - in this blog we’ll run you through some of our favourite setups. Plus, riding a Wattbike at a gym or studio is the perfect way to ‘try before you buy’ the Wattbike Atom

How to find your nearest Wattbike class

Easy! Just click on our ‘Find a Wattbike’ tool and enter your location; the map will display your closest Wattbike. Simple as that. 

Our favourite setups    

Get on the floor

One of the very best ways to get started with the Wattbike is by trying one on the gym floor. This gives you the chance to understand the data and get a feel for the unique ride and resistance system in your own time. 

So where’s best to try it? Wattbikes are prolific on gym floors across the country. One of our favourite setups is at RB5 - a personal training studio in our HQ location of Nottingham. They use their two bikes, a Wattbike Pro and Wattbike Trainer to delivery personal and group fitness training. 

Get serious 

Looking to take your training up a notch? Try a gym with a Wattbike performance zone. These zones, usually made up of 4-8 bikes, offer a little something extra. You’ll find inspirational graphics and screens which display your power data, so you can compare (and compete!) against your fellow gym-goers. We love the performance zone at Athlete Factory in Chester

Step into the studio

For the ultimate Wattbike experience you need to get yourself along to a Wattbike studio. Whilst each studio will approach their class differently, you are guaranteed to get a structured workout which will keep you motivated and improve your fitness, who doesn’t want that? Manchester Velodrome offer one of our favourite studios and being the home of British Cycling, you’d expect nothing less!

Interested? Try the find a Wattbike tool to locate your nearest class.

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