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5 steps to a successful summer Wattbike session

Whether you’re bound by time constraints or are looking to supplement your summer riding with focused indoor sessions, indoor training should still form a part of your schedule. However, training inside in the summer - when unprepared - can lead to a slightly uncomfortable, sweaty experience. Read on for our five top tips for making your summer Wattbike sessions more bearable. 

1. Add an extra fan

Most of the body’s sweat glands are located on the forehead, back and chest, so you can help to combat this by using two fans instead of one. Direct the first towards your head and chest, and position the second behind you, pointing up towards your back.

2. Stay hydrated

Dehydration occurs when water lost through sweating is not replaced. In a hot environment, small to moderate dehydration levels will lead to a potential endurance drop of 22-48%, meaning that you’ll see a considerate difference in your training quality and performance. Make sure you have one or two bottles of water with you when you ride and stay hydrated during the day too. 

3. Dress for it

Most cycling clothing is breathable, but during a sweaty pain cave session it can still be too much. The good news is, if you’re riding in the comfort of your own home it’s a little more acceptable to remove a layer (whilst keeping your bib shorts on, of course). 

4. Shorten your sessions

One of the main bonuses of training indoors is that you’re able to fit a much more productive session into a shorter amount of time. Use a short indoor session to really focus on training for your goals and avoid any junk miles (and heatstroke) that you might pick up if opting for a couple of long outdoor sessions. Why not try one of the HIIT sessions or the Two Bites endurance session on the Wattbike Hub?

5. Take it outside

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our instagram, you might have seen that some members of the Wattbiker tribe have opted to take their Wattbikes outside this summer. Just imagine, the feeling of fresh air and wind in your face (and those all-important tan lines) could still be yours with the added bonus of a focused training session and no traffic!

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