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Army Winter Wattbike Competition

The second Winter Wattbike Competition took place at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot last Tuesday. This years' event produced an increased attendance from last year, with 60 individuals and 13 teams taking place in different events across the day. Competitors travelled from all corners of the UK to compete in this challenging but rewarding event, and our staff was on site during the day to support the event and hand out prices at the end of the day.

Each individual competed over 10km for the fastest time and best watts/kg. There were many outstanding performances during the day where the fastest male completed the 10km in an impressive 12 minutes and 2 seconds, and he also achieved the best watts/kg of the day with 5.6, which is incredibly impressive with his 47 years of age. Once again proving that age is just a number when it comes to competitive indoor cycling. The best female watts/kg of the day was 3.39 over 10km, which was achieved in 15 minutes and 19 seconds. 

The team events were separated into two categories; mixed team and male, and each team consisted of three individuals who competed over 20km in a relay format. 

Overall this was a fantastic day which all competitors enjoyed. The Army Time Trial team even used the event to scout for future talent, and have already gotten in touch with one of the younger soldiers who showed a lot of promise on the day. 

Find out how the British Army use the Wattbike for testing and training purposes.


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