Wattbike Real Ride Feel

Real Ride Feel

What is Real Ride Feel and how does it work?

The Wattbike has been carefully crafted to offer a distinctive ride feel which is almost identical to riding your bike out on the road. The Wattbike combines air and magnetic resistance with advanced technology to deliver supreme smoothness and utmost comfort during each and every training session.

What impact does this have on my riding? 

Not only does Wattbike's Real Ride Feel ensure your comfort during each session, it also makes the transition between riding indoors and outdoors seamless. This means that all the technique improvements and muscle memory you’re building up on the Wattbike can be effortlessly transferred out onto the road, resulting in more effective riding and more speed.

"The Wattbike is the best thing I have found in my long career that is so close to riding on the road."

Stephen Roche - Winner of the Tour de France

Make it yours

The Wattbike is fully adjustable and can be customised to ensure it meets your needs. The Wattbike offers, as standard, three different riding positions - hoods, drops and tri bars - so whatever discipline you’re competing in, you can train in the correct position.

Whether you’re a time trialer or triathlete looking for an aerodynamic position with tri pads or you’re a complete beginner looking to enhance your fitness, the Wattbike is perfect for you.

For full details of how to customise your Wattbike, including extra long seat posts and tri pads, visit the Wattbike Shop.

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