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Wattbike Health Assessment research agreement made with A-Side Strength and Conditioning in Japan

Masahiko Nakamura, Owner, A-Side Strength and Conditioning

Our Japanese distributor recently agreed a partnership with A-Side Strength and Conditioning to study and promote the Wattbike Health Assessment, whilst utilising the facility as a laboratory for the programme.

A-Side Strength and Conditioning is a highly respected gym which attracts various kinds of people, from top athletes to senior citizens. They offer an athlete support programme; taking on athletes who have professional contracts with various sports organisations, those who are part of the Japan national team, or those who have a track record in world championships or similar events. In addition to this, they provide training guidance to the general public with the aim of improving performance by improving overall physical strength, flexibility, and power. 

Ryota Murata, WBA middleweight class champion and Olympic gold medal professional boxer, is one of athletes who trains at the facility under Masahiko Nakamura, owner and head coach of the gym.

Nakamura comments:

“We agreed with [Wattbike Japanese distributor] to do joint research for the application development of the Wattbikes. As a Wattbike laboratory, we will encourage athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who wants to stay healthy, to use Wattbikes. In particular, we will recommend the Health Assessment program to contribute to a healthy life and an extension of active life expectancy.”

Find out more on the Wattbike Health Assessment, or check out how an Olympic legend is also implementing the health assessment to improve the general health of the Japanese population.


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