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JustFit Cologne introduces the Wattbike AtomX to the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany

JustFit Cologne has become the very first site in Germany to offer the Wattbike AtomX to its clients and members, revolutionising their indoor cycling offer.

JustFit is a regional key account in Cologne, Germany, and the surrounding area with 22 clubs in total. They are one of the leading fitness providers in the North Rhine-Westphalia region and operate ultra-modern fitness facilities in the greater Cologne, Erftkreis and Mönchengladbach area. 

Three of their key sites recently installed two Wattbike AtomX’s for their members, and includes JustFit Cologne, JustFit Frechen, and JustFit Hürth. Marco, who is the Manager at JustFit Hürth, comments:

“The Wattbike AtomX resonates really well with our current members and clients, and has generated a lot of interest in indoor cycling.

Thanks to the versatile and advanced adjustment options of the Wattbike AtomX, it is suitable for any user. The Wattbike AtomX transforms indoor cycling into a true experience on the gym floor and has generated a lot of excitement among our members.”

Founded in 2002 by German fitness pioneer Frank Böhme, his brother and their associate, JustFit has grown into one of the leading German fitness providers in the past decade. 

More than 800 employees and staff ensure that JustFit’s clients and members can improve their health and performance; offering small group training, workplace health promotion, free weights, and top of the line cardio equipment. 

Wattbike are incredibly excited to support JustFit’s mission, and we can’t wait for their members to get their hands on the industry’s most advanced smart bike - the Wattbike AtomX.

Find your local JustFit, or find out more on the Wattbike AtomX.





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