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Your New Year resolutions - make 2021 count

Hands up if your training goals haven't quite gone to plan this year? With the impact of the pandemic on all of our lives, it's safe to say we want to put this year aside and turn our focus towards planning your 2021. 

What are your New Year resolutions? What do you want to achieve? You may not have all the answers now, but perhaps this blog will help you focus on implementing some incremental changes to your daily routine. 

Focus on putting the right nutrients in your body

Whether you need to change your current diet, or just want to swap out the chocolate for some healthy snacking, put nutrition at the top of your resolution list. For ideas on how to get that balance just right, check out these tips from our nutrition partners, OTE

What does your weekly training plan look like? 

It’s always good to have a plan. What are you training for? What do you want to improve? Maybe it’s how fast you can climb up hills, or improving your FTP. Whatever it might be, we have a training plan for you. Developed with some of the industries best coaches, Wattbike training plans will catapult you towards next year’s cycling goals.

Build in some time every week for strength and conditioning sessions

Try to make time before a workout to complete a short mobility session to improve your joint flexibility. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it appears that dynamic stretching, or stretching while moving through a movement, is better than static stretching as part of a warmup. Healthline have suggested 5 joint mobility exercises to get you started - you can read them here.

Take on the virtual world and enjoy the variety of training with Zwift.

If you’re used to riding with a group of friends and enjoy stopping off at nice cafe spots, or maybe you compete with them to get that King or Queen of the Mountain title, time on the trainer throughout the winter months can sometimes feel a little lonely. With the virtual training platforms advancing the world of indoor cycling (Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad), you can still ride with your buddies to help you power through big indoor sessions. So if you haven’t already, make the most of the free trials available with most third party apps and remember the Wattbike Hub is free to use! 

Sign up to a sportive in the Summer

Hopefully Covid-19 will be a thing of the past next summer, so why not sign up to a sportive near you, to keep a tangible end goal in sight? We have sportive specific training plans available to help you structure your training and tick a sportive off your bucket list.