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Wattbike Nucleus introduced to Japan Women's Keirin

Last December, it was announced that the Japan Institute of Keirin (JIK) implemented Wattbikes as part of their mandatory entrance exam for both male and female keirin riders. 

In Japan, aspiring professional keirin riders compete for entrance into the keirin programme at the Japan Keirin School. Only 10% of applicants are accepted, and they undergo a strict 15-hours a day training regimen. Only those who pass the graduation exams, and who score high on the Wattbike tests, are approved to become eligible professional keirin racers in Japan. 

To help further improve the performance of Japanese keirin riders, the JIK recently introduced the Wattbike Nucleus to its female riders on their website. 

Borne from the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, the Wattbike Nucleus features the classic dual air and magnetic resistance and Wattbike's iconic Real Ride Feel, as well as the brand new Performance Touchscreen. 

Wattbike are incredibly proud to be supporting a classic institution like the Japan Institute of Keirin, and we can't wait to see their riders take on the Wattbike Nucleus.

FInd out more on the Wattbike Nucleus, or read more about the partnership with the Japan Institute of Keirin.


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