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Wattbike was founded in the year 2000, with the vision of creating the ultimate indoor bike. Working with Peter Keen, the then Performance Director at British Cycling, Wattbike’s vision was to develop a static cycle trainer that was versatile enough to test both elite athletes and beginners alike, yet powerful enough to deliver the most insightful data to coaches and amateur athletes.

Eight years later, Wattbike’s pioneering indoor power trainer was launched. Presented to cycling fans at the Track Cycling World Championships in 2008, the Wattbike is still the only bike ever to be endorsed by British Cycling and used for talent identification. It is also used by cycling federations in Australia, the United States and France. Wattbike is used as a cross-training tool by athletes, teams and national governing bodies for a diverse range of sports, including athletics, football, F1, hockey, rowing, rugby league, rugby union and sailing and is a supplier of the British Army.

In 2015 Wattbike signed a testing and training deal with the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). Wattbike is now used by UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle Switzerland and at its four satellite centres in India, Japan, Korea and South Africa. The Power Test Protocol is a standardised, scientific testing protocol developed by Wattbike and is used by the UCI to identify potential athletes.

In September 2016 Wattbike revealed that turnover had risen to £10.1m compared to £9.3m in 2015. Pre-tax profit also increased from £1.3m to £1.5m.

Wattbike is now looking to grow the brand across international markets, with a focus on the USA. In January 2017 Wattbike announced a commercial partnership with Hilton hotels in the USA, as part of its Five Feet to Fitness concept; an in-room, wellness centre that includes fitness equipment and a Wattbike.