Measure and improve your cycling performance with our award-winning smart bike

Connect to any app

Race friends in Zwift, ride virtual routes in Rouvy or follow a plan in Training Peaks. Wattbike Atom features Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, so you can connect to your favourite training platform - including the free Wattbike Hub app.

We can’t score the Wattbike Atom an 11/10, but we would if we could...

Never stop improving

Measure, track and improve your cycling performance with the free Wattbike Hub app. Complete an FTP test and Wattbike Atom sets the resistance to match your ability for every workout and training plan you conquer.
Time poor but dreaming of that podium finish? Improve your cycling technique in real time with Wattbike's unique Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES), and translate your gains on to the road.

Bring the outdoors in

Integrated gear shifters, drop handlebars and Real Ride Feel combine to make Wattbike Atom accurately mimic the sensation of riding outdoors. Set-up your smart bike with millimetre precison to replicate your road bike measurements.

We’d have no reservations in recommending the Wattbike Atom

Trusted by the top

Wattbike is the ultimate indoor trainer, chosen by thousands of everyday riders and the world's very best.

Unrivalled accuracy

Wattbike Atom reads your data 1,000 times per second for an accuracy of +/-1%. No other indoor trainer comes close to our gold standard in consistency and reliability of our data - that’s why we're trusted by British Cycling and Team GB.

If you are a serious cyclist then the Wattbike is for you. No mechanical setup as with turbo trainers. Easy set up and links into other cycling apps such as Zwift.

Wattbike Atom

Available from £52 per month - and 0% APR available - transform your cycling performance with Wattbike Atom.
Wattbike Atom side view