Fitness progression made easy with the award-winning Wattbike Atom smart bike.

Get fitter forever

Ready to achieve your fitness goals? Whether you want to simply feel fitter, train for an event or track your progress, you'll always get more out of a Wattbike. It’s the ultimate indoor bike for all levels, from beginner to superstar.

Train with any app

Dive into our free platform, Wattbike Hub, for a range of HIIT workouts, challenges and training plans. But we won’t keep you locked in. Mix up your cardio training and seamlessly connect to your favourite training apps via Bluetooth or ANT+ from your home.

For those seeking the ultimate at-home cycling experience, the Wattbike Atom could be for you.

The smart way to get fit

Smart, intuitive and insightful. The Wattbike Atom isn’t a spin bike-it’s so much more. Unlike a standard or ‘dumb’ exercise bike with manual resistance, Wattbike Atom adjusts the resistance automatically to match your ability. Just complete a benchmark fitness test during your firstride, using the free Wattbike Hub app, and let the Wattbike Atom take care of the rest.

Trusted by the top

Wattbike is the ultimate indoor trainer, chosen by thousands of everyday riders and the world's very best.

Results in real time

Say goodbye to measuring effort based on how sweaty you feel. Measure and track your progress in realtime, with no guess work. Wattbike is the gold standard in accuracy which means whether you’re tracking calories or power, you can trust in your results.

The connectivity, workouts and ride experience on the Wattbike Atom are all excellent. 

See it in your home

With a compact footprint of 125cm x 50cm, Wattbike Atom will fit right at home in your spare room, garage or that awkward space under the stairs. Take a look for yourself.


The best fitness purchase I have ever made!! Genuinely amazing and use it most days. 

Wattbike Atom

Available from £52 per month, with 0% APR available, reach your fitness goals with Wattbike Atom.
Wattbike Atom side view