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Prime Time Fitness Germany host annual charity ride

Kroongard Consulting, a consulting firm in Germany, recently partnered with Prime Time Fitness in Hamburg to host their annual charity ride. 

The charity ride consisted of six teams with five members in each team, where every rider raced for 20 minutes on the Wattbike before handing over to the next team member. At the end of the session, the teams managed to ride 346km in total and raised €6000 for charity Movimental E.V. This charity is based in Hamburg, and works closely with the Hamburg Sport Government with the aim of encouraging families with children and immigrant populations to be active.

On the day, Krongaard consulting brought in some popular German personalities to raise awareness of the event and the charity, and to see how many kilometers they could manage on the Wattbikes. Actor and comedian Cem Ali Gultekin, actress and singer Anika Lehmann and Rupert Fabig, Press Spokesperson for first league Hamburg Basketball Team, all took part in this great event to raise money for a good cause. 


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