Test your mettle with the best smart bike for The Sufferfest



Test your mettle with the best smart bike for The Sufferfest

If you're looking for an indoor smart trainer that will provide you with all the motivation you need when using The Sufferfest, look no further than the Wattbike Atom.

The Sufferfest app gives you the most effective cycling workouts designed by world-class coaches. By connecting the Wattbike Atom smart bike, you can undertake comprehensive 4DP fitness tests to ensure you reach full power output and hit your performance targets.

You’ll get workouts that target climbing to speed, endurance to base and race simulation for efficiency. Immerse yourself in some of the world’s greatest races on Windows, Mac or iPad and put yourself right into the action for the ultimate indoor training session.

The Sufferfest + Wattbike Atom = the perfect match

To get the most out of its cycling training plans and to create a sense of a road realistic ride, we’ve ensured that the Wattbike Atom is a The Sufferfest compatible trainer by adding:

  • Gear shifters
  • Interchangeable pedals
  • Racing seat
  • Tri-bar extensions and tri-pads
  • Dual bottle holders

Real Ride Feel

Wattbike Atom's Real Ride Feel technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road. Perfected over ten years of working alongside British Cycling, Olympic Cyclists and world-leading sports scientists, it's the most authentic indoor cycle ride in the world.


Wattbike Hub

Targeted, effective strength training requires precise and accurate data. Download our free Wattbike Hub app to track your performance and set your goals. Thousands of data points from every session you ride are uploaded to your Wattbike Hub account, giving you the real-time insight you can trust.

Wattbike Hub key features:

  • Personalised cycling coaching
  • Real-time insight
  • Workouts just for you
  • Perfect your technique
  • Easy to run alongside The Sufferfest

Quick connect to The Sufferfest

The Sufferfest can run on macOS, Windows, and iOS with ANT+ and is compatible with the Wattbike Atom.

If you want to use both Wattbike Hub and The Sufferfest simultaneously, you need to connect to Wattbike Hub via Bluetooth while connecting to The Sufferfest with an ANT+ dongle.

"The Atom rides like a road bike, but can produce the kind of data once restricted to a sports science lab."

Wattbike Atom key features

Take on virtual rides and training programs on The Sufferfest smart trainer, the Wattbike Atom. You can use the Wattbike Atom in either ERG mode or level mode with gears, and collect your ride data with the Wattbike Hub.

The Wattbike Atom makes your riding experience seamless. With ANT+ and FE-C compatibility, you can connect to all popular apps and devices.

Integrated gear shifters combine with our unique Real Ride Feel technology to offer the ultimate in-ride experience.

With Atom, you can rely on your data. Atom delivers ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-2000w.

It’s time to stop looking exclusively at the best turbo trainer for The Sufferfest, but look for the best smart trainer, the Wattbike Atom.

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"Pedalling fluidity is second to none - the Atom apes the ride of a regular road bike to perfection."