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Improving your power for the outdoors with the Wattbike Hub

We all want to improve our performance, right? Whether that’s improving your endurance for a sportive in the summer, a race on Zwift, or your overall fitness, it all boils down to your ability to sustain power. 

So to help you meet your goals for the outdoor season, we have suggested three indoor sessions on the Wattbike Hub to improve your sustained power.

30/30 - Wattbike Hub - HIIT category

Duration: 28mins

30/30 is a short, intense workout that is great for improving athletic capacity, athletic condition and general cardiovascular fitness.

The session will improve your ability to repeat maximum power efforts and your VO2 Max.

Cyclist VO2 max builder - Wattbike Hub - Endurance category 

Duration: 60mins

This workout will improve your VO2 max and see significant improvements in performance performed close to and above FTP.

5/5/5 Spike - Wattbike Hub - Endurance category

Duration: 1hr15mins

The 5/5/5 Spike workout will work the body at powers just below, at and just above FTP, providing a strong stimulus to increase your FTP by pushing it up from beneath, and pulling it up from above.

By adding a spiked effort at the end of each interval, it will also improve sprint powers, especially when sprinting in a fatigued state.

Taking part in the Inside Out challenge? Why not try one of these sessions to make your minutes count. Don't forget to share your workout with us, tag us @wattbike #WhyIWattbike