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Top 10 Trending Workouts in the Wattbike Hub

Fancy challenging yourself with a workout you haven't tried yet? Or maybe you’re in need of refreshing the current sessions in your training programme? Well look no further because we’re bringing you 10 of the most popular workouts on the Wattbike Hub from the last 30 days.

Here’s a quick glance at the Top 10:

#1 Aerobic Efficiency

#2 3 x 5

#3 Eat The Elephant

#4 Building Blocks

#5 Cyclist All-Rounder

#6 10:20

#7 Unders and Overs

#8 Rugby Conditioning Workout

#9 Cyclist Pyramid Endurance

#10 60:30s

Ranked as the most popular workout in the last 30 days, the 28 minute Aerobic Efficiency workout focuses on exercising your slow-twitch muscle fibres to develop their efficiency and resistance to fatigue. Ultimately making your body more efficient at supplying fuel to your working muscles.

#1 Aerobic Efficiency - 28mins - Zone 1-3

> Endurance

The session starts with a four-minute ramp, this is followed by a one-minute rest and then four efforts of three minutes at 90% of your FTP, with a short rest in between.

At number two, we have the short, intense workout “3 x 5” for those who might have little training time available. This workout is great for improving athlete capacity, athletic condition and general cardiovascular fitness. The nature of the session will encourage fat burning and increase metabolic rate up to 24 hours after the exercise has taken place. It will improve your ability to repeat maximum power efforts and your VO2 Max.

#2 3 x 5 - 24mins - Zone 1-6


The session is made up of three sets of five high intensity intervals.

Eat The Elephant is a known Wattbiker favourite in the Hub, which is why it’s taking the third spot in our top list. It works towards improving your body’s aerobic efficiency by exercising your slow-twitch muscle fibres - developing their efficiency and resistance to fatigue. Eat The Elephant will increase the time you are able to sustain power.

#3 Eat The Elephant - 40mins - Zone 1-5

> Endurance

The session starts with two, three-minute warm ramps followed by two primer intervals to get you ready for the long effort. The main effort is 30 minutes in duration and you will need to hold 85% of your FTP for this time.

At number four, the Building Blocks session is a great workout for burning calories. It focuses on exercising your slow twitch muscle fibres to in turn improve your overall aerobic efficiency and ability to sustain power.

#4 Building Blocks - 57mins - Zone 1-5


The session starts with a six-minute warm up followed by 11 minutes at 100% of your FTP. This is then followed by three, ten-minute intervals at 100% of your FTP. There is a three minute recovery between each of the efforts.

The fifth most popular workout is the Cyclist All-Rounder workout which improves your top end and repeated efforts from very short recovery periods, significantly enhancing both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This 35-minute session only compromises 13 minutes of work, but don’t underestimate how hard this session is!

#5 Cyclist All-Rounder - 35mins - Zone 1-7


The workout includes a ten minute warm up, followed by a set of six intervals of varying durations all performed above FTP, culminating in a 3-second effort at 200% FTP. The session finishes with a ten minute cool-down at 50% FTP.

At number six, we have another HIIT workout “10:20” which demonstrates a repeated sprint based session with target power significantly above FTP, promoting improvements in your repeated sprint-ability, fatigue resistance and Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP). It is particularly relevant for events where there are frequent and sudden changes in power or pace. Additionally, this session will also improve peak and short sprint power.

#6 10:20 - 12mins Zone 1-7


After a 1 min build in, you will undertake a single 10 minute block of 10 seconds all out sprinting, followed by 20 seconds rest. Each interval is a flat out sprint effort, where the focus should be to produce as much power as possible while maintaining good form.

Unders and Overs is the seventh most popular workout, and it’s great for improving aerobic endurance. The combination of intervals and the higher power recovery efforts will benefit your endurance levels so you can ride comfortably, for longer.

#7 Unders and Overs - 42 mins zone 1-6


This session starts with an easy five minute warm up, this is followed by a set of short high effort intervals. The next set of intervals consists of three recovery periods after each one. The final two efforts ramp up power over six minutes with two minute rest between them. The ride ends with some lower effort work.

For the rugby players amongst us (or for those of us who wish we were rugby players..), how about improving your match day fitness by challenging different energy systems in a single workout to replicate the cardiovascular demands of a rugby match? If you’ve ever wondered how tough a rugby match is, this might be the perfect challenge for you.

#8 Rugby Conditioning Workout - 45 mins - Zone 1-5


After a ten minute warm up, you will undertake a series of tempo efforts lasting between five minutes and 15 minutes at varying intensities below FTP. The session concludes with a five minute cool down.

The penultimate workout at number 9 sees the Cyclist Pyramid Endurance session to improve your endurance and robustness with a combination of shorter and longer intervals.

#9 Cyclist Pyramid Endurance - 1hr 7mins - Zone - 1-4


An endurance workout which includes a ten minute warm up, followed by a pyramid set up to five minutes and back down again. The session finishes with a six minute cool down at 40% FTP.

Finally, at number 10 “60:30s” will increase your FTP and ability to respond to sudden changes in pace when you are already working hard.

#10 60:30s - 25 mins - Zone 1-5


After a ten minute warm up, you will undertake six blocks of one minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery. The session concludes with a short cool down.

We love seeing your training efforts, and because we’re obsessed with data, we also love monitoring the workouts that are trending in the Wattbike Hub! So make sure you share your session and tag us on social media @wattbike.