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IMG Academy embrace the Wattbike Foundation Workshop

The IMG Academy is located in Bradenton, Florida, and it’s the world’s largest and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institution. Established in 1978 as a tennis academy, IMG Academy now spans over 600 acres and continues to evolve and expand as an industry leader for athletic and performance development.

The impressive all-inclusive campus caters to athletes of all levels, and includes a boarding school, Performance and Sport Science Centre, a hotel, student halls, and world-class sporting facilities such as: a golf course, 16 football pitches, two American football pitches, a track and field stadium, six baseball fields, two lacrosse fields, 50 tennis courts, an indoor tennis centre, multiple basketball courts, weight rooms and a covered turf training area. These incredible facilities and the IMG Academy’s full time staff have developed elite athletes who have achieved great success at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Our USA distributor Woodway recently met with IMG Academy Head of Strength & Conditioning Jason Novak, and Head of Athletic Training Jared White, to deliver the Wattbike Foundation Workshop which includes bike set-up, introduction to power, cadence and Polar View, testing (establishing baselines for sprints and CRF), resistance recommendations, and bike maintenance.

Following this training, and after seeing the versatility which the Wattbikes have to offer, the team at IMG Academy are looking to implement a lot more Wattbike training in their programmes across all sports.