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WattsUp Studio Dublin switches gears and becomes a fully fledged Wattbike studio

Dublin indoor cycling studio WattsUp opened in 2018 as an indoor cycling studio with Turbo Trainers. The studio was set up to give age group triathletes an easy and cost effective way to train with power. Over the next 18 months, the studio's members discovered a love for training with power and found themselves making big gains in their cycling performances. However, Cillian, WattsUp's owner and a keen triathlon participant, slowly found the Turbo Trainers to be quite limiting. 

To gear up for a new decade, WattsUp cycling studio are now getting ready for the January Rush by becoming a fully fledged Wattbike studio. Moving away from rollers, the WattsUp team decided to turn their facility into a complete Wattbike studio after seeing first hand the benefits of training with power, and after learning about the Wattbikes' numerous features and associated benefits.

The WattsUp team announced the news on Instagram earlier this month:

"In the New Year, Watts Up studio is going to become a Wattbike studio. We have 12 Wattbikes coming in in December so we can set up and get the new layout ready for our re-launch in the New Year. We are really excited and can't wait for this! There is going to be no place like this in Dublin...[The Wattbike] is essentially the gold standard of indoor bikes. A lot of the track cycling teams, British Cycling, and a lot of rugby teams use them. They are really a solid piece of kit, and include a power, speed and cadence meter all in one. You also have your left/right leg balance and pedal analysis right on the screen as you're riding, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of maximising your training and getting the most out of yourself to bring your cycling up to that next level. Training on the Wattbike has been an absolute game changer for me, so this is going to be something you don't want to miss!"

Stay tuned for more, as we create a case study on the WattsUp team in the New Year to discover how they are redefining the indoor cycling landscape in Ireland together with Wattbike.