Cycle Training Plans and Workout Programmes

Smart, effective cycle training gives you an edge on the competition. We’ve partnered with world-class coaches and leading sports scientists to create cycle training plans and turbo training programmes which will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are an experienced professional looking for an advanced, pro-cyclist training plan to keep in top shape through slower periods, or a motivated Wattbike enthusiast who wants to improve stamina with a tailored cycling fitness plan, we’ll have the right cycling workout programme for you

Wattbike’s road cycling training plans are a preferred choice for professional racers and our bicycle workout plans can aid your journey to weight-loss, improved stamina or anaerobic capacity. Alongside our various cycling training plans, take a look at our professional cycling performance tests, which are based upon maximum heart rate (MHR) or functional threshold power (FTP). Knowing these will help benchmark your performance and achieve maximum results during your cycling training programme.