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Alex Skelton

Ian Richards, another Aussie doing well…

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 28, 2011

About ten days ago I picked up an email from Ian Richards, one of our Wattbike users from Australia who has just started his professional cycling career with Team DRC based in Holland. Ian first came across the Wattbike back home in Australia where he recognised the value of being able to monitor his physiological and technical development, and has continued to use it now that he is in Europe. He moved… Read full post Read full post

Jake Evans

Wattbikers just keep winning

Posted in Events by Jake Evans on Mar 26, 2011

The World Track Champs are on at the moment, which has kept us busy, some Wattbike staff are there at the event where we have a stand and a number of bikes available for the teams to warm up, cool down and train on, and the rest of us are back at our desks eagerly checking the website and our emails for updates from our friends (and Wattbike users) at the Worlds. The track is not very fast (according… Read full post Read full post

Andy McCorkell

1st official finnish Wattbike Championships

Posted in Events by Andy McCorkell on Mar 22, 2011

Swet on concrete The first edition of Wattbike nationals in Finland was held on brand new Salmisaari Sports and Leisure Center in Helsinki. Total entries was above 40 cyclists on categories fro 12 years to above 80 years. Race distances were 5km for juniors and 10k for adults. In Estonia threre was a wattbike race at the same time and event was also a match between Finland and Estonia. Top Performances… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Lloyd Scott is training on a Wattbike

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 15, 2011

Lloyd Scott MBE, is best know for choosing some of the most painful looking ways of fund-raising known to mankind, he first came to the public's attention when in 2002 he completed the London Marathon dressed in a deep see divers costume weighing over 110 lbs! In the process he broke the world record for the world's slowest marathon. This year, he has chosen an even harder task, to complete the London… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Visit with British Cycling

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 15, 2011

The 3rd of march saw Eddie and me taking a trip to Manchester to visit our friends at British Cycling and find out how they are using their Wattbikes. Because Eddie has his favourite bike, we took a Wattbike with us, only to find that our meeting was right next to Velodrome's Wattbike training area (see image) - me wheeling that Wattbike all round the velodrome seemed like waste of time! Our meeting… Read full post Read full post

Chris Rowe

Wattbike and Sufferfest

Posted by Chris Rowe on Mar 15, 2011

Wattbike have teamed up with TheSufferfest, creators of some of the most lung busting videos to watch whilst training on the Wattbike. Each video offers a structured work out backed with brilliant music and footage that shows you riding with the PROs! These are the perfect tool for keeping the adrenalin pumping while you are training on your Wattbike. We will be giving away one voucher for TheSufferfest… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Ignite PT using Wattbikes

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 12, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Pete and I popped in to see David Skinner, the cycling coach at ignitePT in London. They have been using the Wattbike to get some great results from their athletes and have been connecting it to the laptop to make the most of the power of the expert software. David has a cycling background and is a qualified coach, so is able to combine is skills as a personal trainer with his… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

We want to see you at the Olympics

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 10, 2011

With the 2012 Olympics ticket deadline looming, applications open March 15th, we got to thinking about how many tickets we’d need to buy to cheer on athletes using Wattbikes as a training tool. We think this is the definitive list of sports where Wattbikes are used either formally as part of the training and testing programme, like cycling, or unofficially because we know one or two athletes involved… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Breakfast with Crossfit Endurance

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 08, 2011

We got the opportunity to meet with Brian MacKenzie and Doug Katona of Crossfit Endurance for breakfast last Friday morning. It was great to get to meet the guys and find out a bit more about Crossfit Endurance, and their approach to training and life in general. Doug and Brian definitely live according to the principles that they set out on and it was really interesting to chat… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Wigan Warriors Video

Posted in Interviews by Alex Skelton on Mar 07, 2011

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Wigan Warriors (see Wigan Warriors vs. Wattbike) and caught up with Mark Bitcon their head physiologist. We have pulled together a video of our time with him, which is well worth a watch. The guys for the session were Pat Richards (@patrichards5) and Eammon O’Carroll (@freddyocarroll) Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Training without a goal, is not training at all

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 06, 2011

Often the team here feel we spend more of our time evangelizing about the benefits of following a structured training program, and educating people about different aspects of training, than we spend banging on about the unique wonderfulness of the Wattbike itself. That’s why this week’s Cycling Weekly was particularly interesting. They’ve done a survey of their readership via Facebook, which… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

We are hiring

Posted by Alex Skelton on Mar 05, 2011

Well, actually it is not really us, it is Metia, on our behalf. Here is the post that they are advertising on their site... Social media manager; sports and fitness fanatic Are you passionate about sport and personal fitness? Are you literate? Are you digitally capable? Then this opportunity with Metia London could be the best job in the world, for you. When we say passionate about sport we mean doing… Read full post Read full post

Alex Skelton

Update from Team Dillon Wattbike Users

Posted in Interviews, Testimonials by Alex Skelton on Mar 01, 2011

About a month ago Wattbike started working with a number of the Team Dillon athletes to help them in their preparation for this season. We have just had our first round of blog posts back from them, in the next few months we will feature each athlete in more depth Christy McKee To preface this blog, I’ll give you a little background about myself and how I came to have a Wattbike. I’ve been an amateur… Read full post Read full post