Matt Moran

Back to life - Back to reality

Posted by Matt Moran on Apr 18, 2012

New York Skyline

Your training's going well and then a holiday you booked 4 months ago suddenly appears on the horizon and you wonder what will happen next?

This just happened to me, I was following the London-Paris training plan diligently, getting some good feelings in the legs and then, it was off to New York for two weeks.

That's two weeks of no Wattbike, no outdoor rides, in fact pretty much a fortnight of no 'exercise' at all so I was a little worried about not only losing what codition I'd built up but also putting on weight.

It was also two weeks of eating some great tasting food but also food which didn't perhaps contribute to my overall wellbeing.  It tasted good at the time though, right?  Pizza, cheesecake, muffins, ice cream and every kind of sandwich under the sun laden with cheese.  My god, it tasted good!

The first ride back in the UK was interesting, I got dropped on a local climb but knew better than to try to push it and risk injury.  I've just spent a week gently easing myself back in - not just simply picking up the training plan where I left off.

I'm now feeling ready to get back on track with 'the plan' and am starting to combine my Wattbike sessions with some longer rides to prepare for the 3 x 100 mile days of The London-Paris.  I'll also be putting together some back-to-back longer rides during May to get a better handle on my recovery and nutrition.

So, the moral behind this story is that if you're taking an enforced break from your training, whether it be for work or holiday reasons (and who doesn't need a holiday every now and again!), make sure you listen to how your body is reacting to those first few training sessions on your return and adapt your plan accordingly.


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