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British Cycling at the Wattbike Sport Science Lab

Posted by Tom Crampton on May 15, 2012

British Cycling at Wattbike Sport Science LabWattbike have a long standing partnership with British Cycling stretching back 12 years to when Peter Keen, then heading up British Cycling, was instrumental in the design and development of the Wattbike.

Recently we welcomed seven members of the British Cycling marketing and coaching teams to the Wattbike Sport Science Lab to be put through their paces by Wattbike’s Eddie Fletcher.

British Cycling at Wattbike Sport Science Lab

Eddie gave a guided tour of the Wattbike, explaining the history of the bike and how it works before getting the guys set up properly to try it for themselves. Some were familiar with the Wattbike as there are 20 bikes permanently at the Manchester Velodrome where British Cycling are based.

After an explanation about the Wattbike Performance Computer, it was on to pedal technique analysis, or as we call it, the Polar View. This is where the competition really started to hot up! Normally, five men and two ladies shouting “look at my sausage” would seem weird, but blog readers will know that a sausage is what we are all aiming for.

After lunch, Eddie put the team through a 20 minute session using the Power Cycling software which showed how the Wattbike can be used in an exercise class environment. The new software gives a totally different experience as all the riders can see what each other is doing.

After that, the competition was really on. Eddie turned on the race software and the guys went for it. Josh won a couple of the races and was sure to let his colleagues know who was in front!

British Cycling at Wattbike Sport Science Lab

All that was left was to test one willing volunteer. Sponsorship manager John was up for the challenge and after going through the 20 minute cadence-based warm up, he took on the 3 minute aerobic test.  John put up some excellent numbers and finished with a very creditable 320W as his Maximum Minute Power (MMP).  Taking his MMP and Maximum Heart rate we were able to establish his Heart Rate and Power Training Zones using the online calculator.

British Cycling at Wattbike Sport Science Lab

Having seen all that the Wattbike can do, there were lots of new ideas about how British Cycling Members can get more out of the Wattbike. The future is looking bright!

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