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Michelle Dillon chats about triathlon, Team Dillon and using Wattbikes

Posted by Alex Skelton on Jul 06, 2011

It was great to finally meet up with Michelle in Loughborough a couple of weeks ago as we'd been exchanging emails for about 6 months and although she only lives about 20 mins away it seemed that every time she was in the country I was away and vice versa. We both know Loughborough University pretty well and had arranged to 'Meet at the Wattbikes in the Gym' which ended up with me at the pool gym and Michelle at Powerbase! A few minutes later (Michelle did the leg work and came over to the pool) and we finally got to sit down and talk triathlon and Wattbikes.

Michelle's training group at Team Dillon is going from strength to strength and while she spends much of her time with her elite athletes she seemed to have an amazing knowledge of every single athlete at Team Dillon, where they were racing and how their training was going. We do wonder if she ever gets time to sleep! We filmed our time with Michelle and she had some really interesting and useful things to say for anybody training in the triathlon and cycling areas, the video below is well worth a watch. Don't forget to check out Team Dillon at We love the new kit too!

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